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I'm trying to put a character in this case a 'x' or 'o' in one row but if there is something already it needs to go above the one already present

Need A Hand With This Game I'm Coding. It's A Puissance4. Imagine A Tab, I'm Trying To Put A Character, In This Case, An 'x' Or 'o' In One Row But If There Is Something Already It Needs To Go Above The One Already Present. ...Read More

The program doesn't stop on scanf("%c", &ch) line, why?

This Question Already Has Answers Here: ...Read More

Make struct init() parameter accept two types?

I Believe This Would Be Generics But I Am Unsure Of How To Implement It. I Have A Simple Struct For Defining A Button On My App. I Want To Be Able To Either Pass Directly In An Image() Or Compose An Image ...Read More

Extract all files changed in repo since a certain date

I Need To Pull Out All Files Changed Since A Certain Date From My Git Repo To Copy Them Into A Separate Repo. Running The Following Grabs The List Of File Paths That I Need: Git Log ...Read More

Removing data from FormField when user makes a different select in react-form-hooks and react-select

I'm Creating A React Form Component That Has Multiple Radio Selects. On 2 Of The Radio Choices, A React-select Creatable Input Is Shown And The User Can Enter Multiple Values. This Gets Into The Final React-hook-forms ...Read More

Artifacts when trying to play h264 stream with ffplay or vlc

On My Application I Create A Annex B H264 Bytestream And Store This Data On A File, When I Play This File I Have Artifacts And This Ffmpeg Errors: Input #0, H264, From '.\test.h264':0KB Vq= 0KB Sq= 0B F=0/0 ...Read More

Is there any way to detect Ctrl + S?

I Need To Write A Page Which Does Not Allow The User To See The Code. To Catch The Context Menu Open I Want To Use The JS Event. To Catch Web-console Open I Want To Use This: Https:// ...Read More

How set MariaDB to MAMP

I Installed MAMP (Mac OS) And Then I Installed "brew Install Mariadb@10.1". The Installation Was Successful. But Know I Don't Know, How I Can Set Mariadb As Default Db In MAMP. I Try Edited File, ...Read More

Schedule a task that runs every x milliseconds

As Part Of My Schoolwork, I'm Trying To Write A Java Method That Schedule A Task That Runs Every X Milliseconds Public ScheduledTask ScheduleEvery(long Time, Runnable Task) Where The First Time It's Executed Is ...Read More

Pass URL from clipboard to iframe via js?

So I'm Trying To Get A Url I Have Stored In The Clipboard To Render In My Iframe Via Url. Not Sure What To Make Of This Code. <iframe Id="showskill" Scrolling="yes" Height="100%" Width ...Read More

Importing modules with dashes

I'm Trying To Import A Some-Module.framework, But The Dash In The Name Is Giving Me Trouble. Import Some-Module // Unexpected Expression After Unary Operator Import Some_Module // No Such Module Renaming It ...Read More

How to extrapolate columns out to a known expiry date column

Struggling With This One (even To Explain With Clarity) And Can't Find Anything Similar. I Have A Table Which Is Dynamically Generated In My Application, With Clients And Tradeid Columns, Then I Have A Number ...Read More

Bubble sort 2D string array

How Can I Bubble Sort A 2D String Array By Their Lenght? In The Array's Zeroth Column There Are Random Generated Messages And In The First Column There Are Random Generated Priorities. String[,] Array = New String[50, 2]; ...Read More

Azure Cosmos DB - any downside of using very low TTL for health check items?

As Part Of The Health Checks That We Have Implemented For An App, We Are Attempting To Write A Dummy Document To The Database. For This Document, We Are Using A TTL (time-to-live) Of 10 Seconds, So That Cosmos ...Read More

What's the proper way to change Android notification color?

I'm Trying To Customize The Background Color Of Android Notification As You Can See, I Want The Change The Background Of The Whole Area Marked By The Red Marker To Be Red. There Are Some Gray Spaces Left. How To ...Read More

Terraform : match var with regex and conditionnal operation

I'm Working On A Terraform Module To Create An Aks Cluster. I Have To Give The Users The Possibility Of Passing The Max_surge Parameter, Part Of Upgrade_settings Block (read Here). In My ...Read More

MultipartException and IOFileUploadException when requests receives MultipartFile

I'm Developing A Spring API And I Have An Endpoint That Receives A MultipartFile As Parameter But In The Production Environment I'm Receiving The Following Error ...Read More

Parsing RSS Feed XML using PHP -&gt; Cannot get iTunes:image attribute

I Am Parsing An XML RSS Feed In PHP And All Is Going Good...but There's One Attribute I Can't Get. I Have This XML As An Example: <itunes:explicit>Yes</itunes:explicit> ...Read More

Scoverage fails due to unresolved dependency path

IDE_version: IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2021.2.3 Scala_version: 3.1.0 Sbt.version=1.5.5 LibraryDependencies: LibraryDependencies += "org.scalactic" %% "scalactic" % ...Read More

Adding Extra Fields to Rails Model to Reduce Unnecessary DB Queries

We Have A Model, Booking, That Is Connected To Numerous Other Models. Class Booking < ApplicationRecord Belongs_to :business Belongs_to :employee # A Whole Lot More Below End In The Show View There Is A ...Read More

React/Typescript: How to trigger function on one element when clicking on a different one?

I´m Coding A Mini Game Where Two Hamster Pictures Fight To See Who´s Cutest. Everytime The User Clicks On The Winning Picture, I Need To Update In My Database The Number Of Wins/defeats For Each Hamster Object ...Read More

Ng-select with labelForId and id

It Seems Like If LabelForId Is Used In A Ng-Select ( Which Also Has An ID It Does Not Work, I.e. Click On Label Does Not Jump Into The Element. If I Do Not Put An ID In The Definition Of ...Read More

Spring Boot - Issues redirecting to external URL with AuthenticationSuccessHandler

I Am Using Spring Boot For The First Time To Setup A User Login System For A REACT Web-app. As Of Now I Am Trying To Redirect The User To Another Page In My REACT-app After A Successful Authentication. I Am Using ...Read More

Firebase realtime database profiler counts list calls twice

When Using The Firebase Realtime Database Profiler, I Saw That It Counted My Queries Twice A Lot Of The Time. I Found Out That Everytime I Call A List, The Profiler Tells Me That The Data Is Retrieved Twice. Everytime I ...Read More

React.js trigger event inside another component upon button click

I Am Building My First Web App With React. Its A Chat With Multiple Chat Rooms. This Is What I Got Visually: Now I Simply Want To Click On "open" On Any Room And Display The Messages Within That Chatroom Inside The White ...Read More

Get overlapping date ranges in pyspark structured streaming

I See A Lot Of Answers For Small Dataframes, But None For Spark Structured Streaming. I Try To Do The Following In This Answer Https:// But It Doesn't Work When ...Read More

Import dialog in preload.js returns undefined

I'm Trying To Understand How Context Isolation Works In Electron. I Want To Expose The Dialog.showErrorBox Function From The Electron Module To The Renderer Process. As I Understand The Following Code In Preload.js ...Read More

Laravel 8 redirect to custom route on failed login

Today I've Had A Problem And Want To Share Solution, Because I'm Sure Somebody Will Need This In Future. I Have Login Form In Bootstrap Modal On My Website For Example Localhost. After I Type Bad Credentials, The ...Read More

PermissionDeniedError on Google Deep Learning VM

I Try To Run A Simple TF Model Training On A Google Deep Learning VM. I Use The Standard Settings, Get The VM Running, Use Gcloud To Ssh Into The VM And Install All The Packages. However, Whenever I Run A .py File ...Read More

Navigate TaskDialogPage after asynchronous call

I Need To Navigate A TaskDialogPage To Another After An Asynchronous Operation Has Completed. Here's My Code TaskDialogPage Page = New() { //... } TaskDialogPage CompletedPage = New() { //... } Page.Created += ...Read More

Typescript Vue App compilation transpilation and browser support

I Created A Typescript Vuejs2 App With Vue Cli. What Are The Differents Phases Of Packaging ? How Typescript Compiler And Babel Cooperate ? My Tsconfig.json Contains "target": "es5". Does This Cause The Typescript To ...Read More

Paypal : order create , invalid link after 3 hours

We Have Created An Api , In Order To Create A Direct Payment For A Customer With Paypal. So We Created A "create Order" As Capture. We Can Get The Approve Link To The Customer For The Payment. Unfortunately , If ...Read More

Paho MQTT on uvicorn server

I Have A Very Simple FastAPI Python Server: Import Io Import Os Import Sys Import Json Import Time From PIL Import Image Import Paho.mqtt.client As Mqtt From Fastapi Import FastAPI, File, HTTPException, ...Read More

How to get scroll distance from bottom in SwiftUI List

Having The Following View: Struct ContentView: View { @State Private Var Rows = [ "Row 1", "Row 2", "Row 3", "Row 4", "Row 5", "Row 6", "Row 7", "Row 8", ...Read More

List AppxPackages by IsFramework = True

I'm Working On A PowerShell Script That Automates AppxPackages Uninstallation. When We Type This Command: Get-AppxPackage, We Get A Result Like This: PS C:\> Get-AppxPackage Name ...Read More

Masonry.js unusual behavior only fixed after refreshing the page

This Is A Project Built With Laravel. I Am Using This Plugin. It Allows Me To Build This Layout: This Is The Order In Which The Images Are Being Placed: It´s Build With Images Being Inserted Directly ...Read More

C++: use std::string returned by a function: Using pointer to local variable that is out of scope

I've Got The Following Function: MyFunction(const Char *value, Bool Trigger) { If (trigger) { Std::string TemporaryString = GetTemporaryStringFromSomewhereElse(); Value = TemporaryString.c_str(); } ...Read More

Version of the jQuery UI Autocomplete Combobox for big data ploblem with jquery 3.6.0

I Have Updated Jquery With Version 3.6.0 And Now When I Expand The Menu I Get The Following Error Uncaught Error: Cannot Call Methods On Combobox Prior To Initialization; Attempted To Call Method 'widget' The Problem Is ...Read More

Spring MVC - Index of out of bounds in property path 'array[0]' on form post with list binding

I Am Running Into A Very Confusing Problem. I'm Trying To Bind A List (of Filters) To A Form. Displaying The Items From The List Works Fine, But Posting Them Gives Me An IndexOutOfBoundsException. For Context: This Is ...Read More

Powershell generate System.Type out of String

This Question Already Has Answers Here: ...Read More

When piping to middleware I get error "createError(N/error)"],"cause":{"name":"SSS_MISSING_REQD_ARGUMENT","message":"create: Missing a required arg

When I Post From From Postman To Netsuite Directly I Dont Get An Error But When I Post Via Php Curl I Get The Following Error. Also If I Change It From Php:input To An Internal Referenced Json Setup It ...Read More

How to make a word inside a variable also a clickable link?

I'm Currently Practicing With JavaScript And Trying To Make A Simple Random City Name Generator For Myself. It Works Well So Far And When You Click On The Button "Creëer Plaatsnaam" (Create Name Of City) The Name Of ...Read More

R - list to dataframe in certain format?

I Have Data Structured Like This (but With C. 1000 Or So Items): X <- List("test1" = C("a","b","c"), "test2" = C("x","y")) > X $test1 [1] "a" "b" "c" $test2 [1] "x" "y" I'd Like To Structure It Like This: ...Read More

Angular Material custom form field doesn't show mat-error

I Thought I Have Almost The Same Example But Somehow The Control Tricks Me :-/ <form [formGroup]="form"> <app-ref-urlcheck [maxLen]="20" ...Read More

How can I save an image with OpacityMask applied?

I Am Working On A Project Where I Want To Save A Thumbnail Image Of A Rendered Screen Exactly As It's Displayed, Including With The Application Of An OpacityMask. The Problem Is That No Matter What I Do, It Always ...Read More

BigQuery : Query error: Column name _PARTITIONDATE is ambiguous when MERGE table

I Have A Query That Will Merge The Source Temp Table To Target Table When There's New Row In Source That Not In Target Table. The Source Table Used A WITH Clause And ROW_NUMBER() To Get A Non-duplicate Row From Temp ...Read More

How to efficiently store data from react-quill to backend

I Am Making A Simple Blogging Site Using React, I Am Using React-quill And I Can't Figure Out The Best Way To Store The Data From React-quill Editor To The Backend. From My Code, The Content I Get Is Already Formatted ...Read More

How to get all possible partitions of a graph?

I Have The Following Problem. Imagine A Connected Graph, Like This: How Can I Get All Possible Partitions Of The Nodes. Since Not Between All Nodes Is A Direct Edge, Not All Partitions In General (Bell Number For ...Read More

Pikaday DD/MM/YYYY format opening as MM/DD/YYYY

I Have A Blade Component With The Following Alpine Code <div X-data="{ Value: @entangle($attributes->wire('model')), Picker: Undefined }" X-init="new Pikaday({ Field: $refs.input, Format: 'DD/MM/YYYY', ...Read More

Picture Element not resizing images based on screen-width

I Have A Page With 8 Picture Elements On It For Testing. All 8 Of My Images Load And I See Them Perfectly Fine. For Some Reason Though, When Checking The Image's CurrentSrc And Network Tab, I'm Not Seeing Any Of The ...Read More

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