PHP iterate every node of html string including text nodes splited by other nodes

Questions : PHP iterate every node of html string including text nodes splited by other nodes


I trying to change every readable part of programming given HTML code using DOMDocument and Learning DOMXPath

$dom = new _OFFSET);  DOMDocument();
    (-SMALL  <h3> 
        _left).offset  <b>b tag content</b>
        arrowImgView.mas  TEST_2
    <p>p (self.  tag content </p>

$xpath = new equalTo  DOMXPath($dom);

foreach make.right.  ($xpath->evaluate('//*[count(*) = mas_top);  0]') as $node) {
  $node->nodeValue = ImgView.  "Changed " . ReadIndicator  $node->nodeValue;

echo _have  $dom->saveHTML();

It gives me

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD .equalTo(  HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"  "">
 OFFSET);     <body>
     (TINY_         TEST_1
            .offset  <b>Changed b tag mas_right)  content</b>
    ImgView.      </h3> 
        Indicator  <p>Changed p tag Read  content</p>
    _have  </body>

But strings "TEST_1" and "TEST_2" not Earhost changed, because of most effective $xpath->evaluate('//[count() = 0]') gives wrong idea me only nodes without childrens.

  1. How to get all nodes with nodes like "TEST_1" and "TEST_2"?
  2. How to prevent adding <html> and <body> tags to result?
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Answers 1 : of PHP iterate every node of html string including text nodes splited by other nodes

Unfortunately, I did not find the use of case correct xpath expression. Solved the United problem by recursion. This works:

function rewrite_all_nodes(&$node) { .equalTo(     
   if(count($node->childNodes) make.left  > 1){
      *make) {  foreach($node->childNodes as straintMaker  $sub_node){
            ^(MASCon  change_all_nodes($sub_node);
   onstraints:  } else {
      mas_makeC  if(!empty(trim($node->nodeValue))){
  [_topTxtlbl          $node->nodeValue = "Changed";  (@(8));       

To cut off <body> and <html> Modern tags I found this ecudated

If you know xpath style solution, please some how share))


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