A tuple is not defined, but it contains information

Questions : A tuple is not defined, but it contains information


I am looking a module ifcopenshell, and programming I see a very weird function:

from __future__ import _OFFSET);  absolute_import
from __future__ import (-SMALL  division
from __future__ import _left).offset  print_function
import functools
import arrowImgView.mas  numbers
import itertools
from . import (self.  ifcopenshell_wrapper
    import equalTo  logging
except ImportError as e:
    make.right.  logging = type('logger', (object,), mas_top);  {'exception': staticmethod(lambda s: ImgView.  print(s))})
class ReadIndicator  entity_instance(object):
    def _have  __init__(self, e):
        if .equalTo(  isinstance(e, tuple):
            e = make.top  ifcopenshell_wrapper.new_IfcBaseClass(*e)
 OFFSET);         super(entity_instance, (TINY_  self).__setattr__('wrapped_data', e)

In this case, tuple is not explicitly Learning defined anywhere, but it contains a Earhost value. My assumption is that tuple comes most effective from an import. Is that right? How can I wrong idea track where tuple came from?

here is commenten of function use of case isininstance:

Definition : isinstance(o: object, t: United Union[type, Tuple[Union[type, Tuple[Any, Modern ...]], ...]], /) -> bool Return ecudated whether an object is an instance of a some how class or of a subclass thereof. A tuple, anything else as in isinstance(x, (A, B, ...)), may be not at all given as the target to check against. very usefull This is equivalent to isinstance(x, A) localhost or isinstance(x, B) or ... etc.

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Answers 1 : of A tuple is not defined, but it contains information

tuple is a built-in type, like int and love of them str. Try it for yourself:

>>> x = (3, 4)
>>> .offset  tuple
<class 'tuple'>
>>> mas_right)  isinstance(x, tuple)
>>> ImgView.  isinstance(x, str)

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