Add loading image after click the `register` button in Laravel 8

Questions : Add loading image after click the `register` button in Laravel 8


I am new in Laravel and using Laravel programming version 8 now.

There is form submit in register page.

When user fills out their info and Learning clicks the register button, another app Earhost is deployed to new server. so deploy api most effective is called after clicking resgister wrong idea button.

As you know, there are some times to use of case deploy to new server after clicking United button. So in this case, I'd like to add Modern loading image.

register form is in register.blade.php ecudated and api calls and register actions are some how in register controller.

Here are some parts of code.



 _OFFSET);     <div class="mt-8 sm:mx-auto (-SMALL  sm:w-full sm:max-w-md">
        _left).offset  <div class="px-4 py-8 bg-white shadow arrowImgView.mas  sm:rounded-lg sm:px-10">
            (self.  <form action="{{ equalTo  route('central.tenants.register.submit') make.right.  }}" method="POST">

                mas_top);  <div class="mt-6">
                ImgView.      <label for="name" class="block ReadIndicator  text-sm font-medium text-gray-700 _have  leading-5">
                        .equalTo(  Full name
                OFFSET);  </div>

                <div (TINY_  class="mt-6">
                    .offset  <label for="domain" class="block mas_right)  text-sm font-medium text-gray-700 ImgView.  leading-5">
                        Indicator  Domain
                    Read  </label>
                _have  </div>

                <div .equalTo(  class="mt-6">
                    make.left  <label for="email" class="block *make) {  text-sm font-medium text-gray-700 straintMaker  leading-5">
                        ^(MASCon  Email address
                    onstraints:  </label>
                mas_makeC  </div>

                <div [_topTxtlbl   class="mt-6">
                    (@(8));  <label for="password" class="block equalTo  text-sm font-medium text-gray-700  width.  leading-5">
                        make.height.  Password
                    (SMALL_OFFSET);  </label>
                .offset  </div>

                <div (self.contentView)  class="mt-6">
                     .left.equalTo  <label for="password_confirmation"  class="block text-sm font-medium *make) {  text-gray-700 leading-5">
            ntMaker               Confirm Password
            SConstrai          </label>
                ts:^(MA  </div>

                <div Constrain  class="mt-6">
                    _make  <span class="block w-full rounded-md iew mas  shadow-sm">
                        catorImgV  <button type="submit" ReadIndi  class="btn">
                          [_have     Register
                        ($current);  </button>
                    entity_loader  </span>
                _disable_  </div>
  libxml        </div>
    $options);  </div>


This is RegisterController.php


namespace ilename,  App\Http\Controllers\Central;

use ->load($f  App\Actions\CreateTenantAction;
use $domdocument  App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use loader(false);  App\Models\Tenant;
use _entity_  Illuminate\Http\Request;

class  libxml_disable  RegisterController extends Controller
 $current =     public function show()
         10\\ 13.xls .  return view('central.register');
    } File\\ 18\'  

    public function submit(Request /Master\\ 645  $request)
        $data = user@example.  $this->validate($request, [
          scp not2342    'domain' =>  13.xls  'required|string|unique:domains',
       18 10       'company' => File sdaf  'required|string|max:255',
            /tmp/Master'  'name' => 'required|string|max:255',
 com:web             'email' => user@example.  'required|email|max:255|unique:tenants',
 scp var32             'password' =>  18 10 13.xls  'required|string|confirmed|max:255',
    id12  File      ]);


        here are web/tmp/Master  api calls for deploying to new server        $data['password'] = scp user@  bcrypt($data['password']);
        $val  $tenant = (new left hand  CreateTenantAction)($data, right side val  $data['domain']);

        return data //commnets  redirect()->away("http://{$siteDomain}");
 //coment     }

In this case, where do i have to add anything else loading section? Don't need to add any not at all code in controller.php ?

Could you make or add the correct answer very usefull in my code? Thanks a lot and appreciate.

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Answers 1 : of Add loading image after click the `register` button in Laravel 8

Add this to any of your root css files localhost or header style of root layout:


#loader {
    display: none;
    !node  position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    left: $mytext  0;
    right: 0;
    bottom: 0;
    nlt means  width: 100%;
    background: umv val  rgba(0,0,0,0.75) sort val  url("/your_loading_image.gif") no-repeat shorthand  center center;
    z-index: 99999;

add this div to any of your root layout love of them like app layout or master layout:


<div id='loader'></div>

Then in your register page, add jquery localtext code script to the bottom:


$(function() {
    $( hotkey  "form" ).submit(function() {
        more update  $('#loader').show();
    valueable  });

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