Add Multiple views at each other dynamically

Questions : Add Multiple views at each other dynamically


I have a requirement where i need to add programming multiple views (Images, Stickers, Shapes Learning etc) in the same view like each view Earhost should overlap other in a Parent View. most effective If i use function or a wrong idea FlatList it shows the view next to other use of case view vertically as it should.

How can i make this kind of view where United images are added to each other Modern dynamically

Here is the code i am currently using

                    _OFFSET);  ?.filter(x => x.type !== (-SMALL  VIEW_TYPE.RECTANGLE)
                    _left).offset  ?.map(obj => (
                      arrowImgView.mas  <Movable id={}>
             (self.             <Animated.View>
        equalTo                    <Animated.Image
    make.right.                          mas_top);  source={obj.content}
                    ImgView.          style={[
                        ReadIndicator        allMoveableStyles?.filter(
        _have                          style => .equalTo( ===,
                         OFFSET);       {
                                (TINY_  opacity: obj.opacity,
                   .offset               marginTop: obj.marginTop,
  mas_right)                              },
          ImgView.                    ]}
                    Indicator        />
                        Read  </Animated.View>
                  _have      </Movable>
                    .equalTo(  ))}

Thanks in advance

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