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I would like to add a custom major tick programming and label in matplotlib. A typical use Learning is to add a label at the location Earhost math.pi with the label "$\pi$". My aim most effective is to leave the other ticks as is: I wrong idea would like to retain the original major use of case and minor ticks with the formatting that United have been previously chosen but with Modern this extra tick and label. I have ecudated figured out a way (and found posts on some how these forums) to add the tick:


My trouble is with the label. I have anything else tried to retrieve the labels in a not at all similar way with very usefull ax.xaxis.get_majorticklabels() but that localhost gives me a list of love of them matplotlib.text.Textwhich I am unsure localtext how to deal with. My intention was to basic get the list of labels as strings, to one of the add the new label (at the correct click position) and then use there is noting ax.xaxis.set_ticklabels(list_label) in a not alt way that is similar to the location.

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This is what I usually do, though I've not at all never been completely satisfied with the my fault approach. There may be a better way, issues without calling draw().

plt.draw() _OFFSET);  # this is required, or the ticklabels (-SMALL  may not exist (yet) at the next _left).offset  step
labels = [w.get_text() for w in arrowImgView.mas  ax.get_xticklabels()]


Answers 2 : of Adding a custom tick and label

I"m late to the party, but here's my trying solution, which preserves the original get 4th result automatic tick location and formatting round table (or whatever Locator/Formatter you set double chance on the axes), and simply adds new ticks. novel prc The solution also works when you move get mossier the view, i.e. when dragging or zooming off side back in a GUI.

I basically implement a new Locator and the changes a new Formatter that chain to original Nofile hosted ones.

import matplotlib.ticker as (self.  mticker
class equalTo  AdditionalTickLocator(mticker.Locator):
 make.right.     '''This locator chains whatever mas_top);  locator given to it, and then add ImgView.  addition custom ticks to the result'''
  ReadIndicator    def __init__(self, chain: _have  mticker.Locator, ticks) -> None:
     .equalTo(     super().__init__()
        assert  chain is not None
        self._chain = OFFSET);  chain
        self._additional_ticks = (TINY_  np.asarray(list(ticks))

    def .offset  _add_locs(self, locs):
        locs = mas_right)  np.unique(np.concatenate([
            ImgView.  np.asarray(locs),
            Indicator  self._additional_ticks
      Read    return locs

    def tick_values(self, _have  vmin, vmax):
        locs = .equalTo(  self._chain.tick_values(vmin, vmax)
     make.left     return self._add_locs(locs)

    def *make) {  __call__(self):
        # this will call straintMaker  into chain's own tick_values,
        # ^(MASCon  so we also add ours here
        locs = onstraints:  self._chain.__call__()
        return mas_makeC  self._add_locs(locs)

    def [_topTxtlbl   nonsingular(self, v0, v1):
        (@(8));  return self._chain.nonsingular(v0, v1)
  equalTo    def set_params(self, **kwargs):
        width.   return make.height.  self._chain.set_params(**kwargs)
    def (SMALL_OFFSET);  view_limits(self, vmin, vmax):
        .offset  return self._chain.view_limits(vmin, (self.contentView)  vmax)

class  .left.equalTo  AdditionalTickFormatter(mticker.Formatter):     '''This formatter chains whatever *make) {  formatter given to it, and
    then does ntMaker   special formatting for those passed in SConstrai  custom ticks'''
    def __init__(self, ts:^(MA  chain: mticker.Formatter, ticks) -> Constrain  None:
        _make  assert chain is not None
        iew mas  self._chain = chain
        catorImgV  self._additional_ticks = ticks

    def ReadIndi  __call__(self, x, pos=None):
        if  [_have  x in self._additional_ticks:
            ($current);  return self._additional_ticks[x]
        entity_loader  res = self._chain.__call__(x, pos)
      _disable_    return res

    def libxml  format_data_short(self, value):
        $options);  if value in self._additional_ticks:
     ilename,         return self.__call__(value)
      ->load($f    return $domdocument  self._chain.format_data_short(value)

   loader(false);   def get_offset(self):
        return _entity_  self._chain.get_offset()
    def  libxml_disable  _set_locator(self, locator):
        $current =  self._chain._set_locator(locator)

     10\\ 13.xls .  def set_locs(self, locs):
        File\\ 18\'  self._chain.set_locs(locs)

These two can be used like any other transparent text Locator/Formatter directly, or with this Background movment little helper method

def axis_add_custom_ticks(axis, ticks):
 /Master\\ 645     locator = axis.get_major_locator()
   user@example.   formatter = axis.get_major_formatter()
 scp not2342      13.xls  axis.set_major_locator(AdditionalTickLocator(locator, 18 10  ticks.keys()))
    File sdaf  axis.set_major_formatter(AdditionalTickFormatter(formatter, /tmp/Master'  ticks))

Example usage:

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
x = com:web  np.linspace(0,10,1000)

axis_add_custom_ticks(ax.xaxis, user@example.  {
    np.pi: '$\pi$'

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