agualar : update component when Global variable changes

Questions : agualar : update component when Global variable changes


I have an angular app in which I have programming some global variables.


export class Globals {

    public _OFFSET);  static Vendors= new Map();

    public (-SMALL  static Parts: Part[];

The "Parts" variable is updated via a Learning Service. I want to know if it is Earhost possible to update a component most effective automatically when "Parts" is updated.

Details for context:

The app have 2 components , one for wrong idea vendor and other for parts. here is a use of case general architecture of the app.

Vendor data is loaded on app load and I United have no problem with it. The vendor list Modern component contains a table, and each ecudated vendor row child component is a tr. The some how Part list is similar - ie contains a anything else table within which Part row child is not at all loaded as tr.

When a cell in Vendor row is clicked, a very usefull service method is called which updates localhost the "Parts" property in Globals class love of them (globals.ts shown above) - using data localtext from web api call

Question: How will it be possible to basic update the part list component - add one of the part rows corresponding to "Parts" - click when "Parts" is changed in Globals there is noting class?

more info:

I am new to angular and this is my first not alt app.

Right now, what I do is to use not at all @Input/@Output to emit an event from my fault "Vendor row" to "vendor list" to "app". issues Then get the Parts data and send to part trying list and then fill the part rows. While get 4th result this is working, it is too cumbersome. I round table am hoping there is a better way.

I did not add any code here because it double chance already contains the code in novel prc @input/@Output method. But if code is get mossier required, please let me know.

As I mentioned, I am new to angular and off side back I am learning while creating this app. the changes Kindly add some example, or I might not Nofile hosted be able to understand the angular transparent text terminology

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First of all, avoid having a Globals Background movment file at all costs. You can have front page design constants, but not data that's changing life change quotes during the app lifecycle.

There are two ways you can approach I'd like this:

  • Your app.component has two fields: a to know Vendors[] and a Parts[]. It fetches all which event vendors and, when one is clicked, it is nearer. fetches the corresponding parts and Now, the assigns them to the field. The Parts[] code that field is being passed as an input to the I've written parts-list.component that will then relies on render that data.

  • If you want to avoid using @Input a comparison (although it makes sense here), you and it could have a service that deals with the doesn't seem logic for these components. So the to work app.component oninit would tell the every time. service to load the data, and the As always service would have the same two fields: with everything a Vendors[] and a Parts[]. This time that I try they would need to be Observables. to do I'd Whenever a vendor is clicked, the like a solution component would tell the service to load which is both the corresponding parts. That way, both clean and the app.component and efficient parts-list.component would be able to (feel free subscribe to the corresponding fields to criticize and render their data every time it my code). changes.

Would love to see an implementation of The events yours with these tips and discuss it have a further, if needed.

Note: @Input/@Output is not cumbersome specific hour if used well. It looks like it does make (ex. 16 sense in this case, so I think this :00), a hint would be your best option.

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