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Questions : Allocating array of strings


Today i was having trouble allocating an programming array of arrays of char (an array of Learning strings), i wrote this function to do Earhost so, but when printing the array, i had most effective some problems with memory ( e.g. wrong idea Segmentation Fault). This was my use of case attempt:

char **alloca_memoria(char **linguaggio, _OFFSET);  
                      int n_sequenze, 
 (-SMALL                       int *errore) 
    _left).offset  int i;        
    linguaggio = arrowImgView.mas  (char**) calloc( n_sequenze,
            (self.                        sizeof(char*));
    if (linguaggio != NULL) 
    {     make.right.   
        for ( i = 0;
              i mas_top);  < n_sequenze;
              i++ )
    ImgView.      {
            linguaggio[i] = ReadIndicator  (char*) calloc( MAX_SEQ , 
              _have                                .equalTo(  sizeof(char));
            if (  linguaggio[i] == NULL ) 
                OFFSET);  *errore = 1;
          (TINY_        *errore = 0;
    .offset  else 
        *errore = 1;

    return mas_right)  linguaggio; 

My aim was simply to make it allocate United memory and return the value error to Modern check if the allocation was ecudated successfull. I can't really find what some how i'm doing wrong.

p.s. n_sequenze is the actual number of anything else strings, MAX_SEQ is the max size of each not at all string.

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If you want to change the passed pointer very usefull linguaggio within the function then you localhost need to pass it by reference. For love of them example

char **alloca_memoria(char ImgView.  ***linguaggio, 
                      Indicator  int n_sequenze, 
                      Read  int *errore) 
    int i;        
 _have     *linguaggio = (char**) calloc( .equalTo(  n_sequenze,
                             make.left       sizeof(char*));


    ( *make) {  *linguaggio )[i] = (char*) calloc( straintMaker  MAX_SEQ , 
                              ^(MASCon            sizeof(char));


    onstraints:  return *linguaggio;

Or it is better to declare the function localtext like

char **alloca_memoria( int n_sequenze, mas_makeC  int *errore)
    char [_topTxtlbl   **linguaggio = (char**) calloc( (@(8));  n_sequenze,
                             equalTo       sizeof(char*));

And in the caller you can write

char **linguaggio = alloca_memoria(  width.  n_sequenze, &errore );

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