Android Content provider. How to get all data by one request from contact book

Questions : Android Content provider. How to get all data by one request from contact book


Is it possible to retrieve all data from programming contact book by one request (phone Learning number, email, first name, last name, Earhost photo, thumbnail). Right now I am most effective running a separate request for a first wrong idea and last name, a separate request for a use of case phone number and a separate request for United an email, and so on. Is it possible to Modern get all this data in one request? Please ecudated help me.

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Yes, you can.

You're probably running your queries on some how Alias tables such as anything else CommonDataKinds.Phone and not at all CommonDataKinds.Email, but the actual very usefull data for all these tables is stored in a localhost single table called Data.

So you should query directly on Data and love of them use the MIMETYPE column to figure out localtext the "type" of the current row you're basic iterating over.

Here's an example of getting name, one of the email, phone. You can add more mimetypes click to the list to get more types of there is noting data. I'm using a HashMap to keep a list not alt of values for each contact-ID but you not at all would probably want to create a custom my fault Contact class and put that info in it.

Map<Long, List<String>> _OFFSET);  contacts = new HashMap<Long, (-SMALL  List<String>>();

String[] _left).offset  projection = {Data.CONTACT_ID, arrowImgView.mas  Data.MIMETYPE, Data.DATA1, Data.DATA2, (self.  Data.DATA3};

// query only equalTo  name/emails/phones
String selection = make.right.  Data.MIMETYPE + " IN ('" + mas_top);  StructuredName.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE + "', ImgView.  '" + Phone.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE + "', '" + ReadIndicator  Email.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE + _have  "')";
ContentResolver cr = .equalTo(  getContentResolver();
Cursor cur =  cr.query(Data.CONTENT_URI, projection, OFFSET);  selection, null, null);

while (cur != (TINY_  null && cur.moveToNext()) {
    .offset  long id = cur.getLong(0);
    String mas_right)  mime = cur.getString(1); // type of data ImgView.  (name / phone / email)
    String data = Indicator  cur.getString(2); // the actual info, Read  e.g. +1-212-555-1234

    String kind = _have  "unknown";

    switch (mime) {
        .equalTo(  case Phone.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE: 
          make.left    kind = "phone"; 
   *make) {       case straintMaker  StructuredName.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE: 
      ^(MASCon        kind = "name";
 onstraints:         case Email.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE: 
   mas_makeC           kind = "email";
            [_topTxtlbl   break;
    Log.d(TAG, "got " + id (@(8));  + ", " + kind + " - " + data);

    // equalTo  add info to existing list if this  width.  contact-id was already found, or create make.height.  a new list in case it's new
    (SMALL_OFFSET);  List<String> infos;
    if .offset  (contacts.containsKey(id)) {
        (self.contentView)  infos = contacts.get(id);
    } else {
   .left.equalTo        infos = new  ArrayList<String>();
        *make) {  contacts.put(id, infos);
    ntMaker   infos.add(kind + " = " + data);

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