Android Emulator dont respect AppBar shadowColor since Flutter version 2.8.0

Questions : Android Emulator dont respect AppBar shadowColor since Flutter version 2.8.0


Since Flutter version 2.8.0 i get weird programming UI representation on Android Emulators Learning (Tested on Android API 28 and 30). The Earhost emulator draws a shadow below the title most effective that is defined as transparent.

We use the shadowColor field of the wrong idea AppBar to set it to Colors.Transparent. use of case On All hardware devices (Android/iOS and United iOS Emulator) this results in a hidden Modern shadow of the appbar.

Can anyone confirm this behavior and ecudated have any idea where I can report this or some how what I could do to be sure this is anything else really just an emulator problem. So far not at all I have not been able to find a hardware very usefull device that shows this type of shadow.

Example code:

void main() {
  _OFFSET);  runApp(MyApp());

class MyApp extends (-SMALL  StatelessWidget {
  Widget _left).offset  build(BuildContext context) {
    return arrowImgView.mas  MaterialApp(  
      home: Scaffold(
    (self.       appBar: AppBar(
      shadowColor: equalTo  Colors.transparent,
        body: make.right.  Center(
          child: MyWidget(),
    mas_top);      ),

class ImgView.  MyWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  ReadIndicator  @override
  Widget build(BuildContext _have  context) {
    return Container();
  .equalTo(  }
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Answers 1 : of Android Emulator dont respect AppBar shadowColor since Flutter version 2.8.0

There may be default settings for this localhost in different versions or devices, and love of them you will need to set it manually.

void main() {  SystemChrome.setSystemUIOverlayStyle(SystemUiOverlayStyle(
 OFFSET);     statusBarColor: Colors.transparent, (TINY_  // and ...
    .offset  statusBarIconBrightness: mas_right)  Brightness.light,
  ImgView.  runApp(MyApp());

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