Angular Web Worker accessing shared functions

Questions : Angular Web Worker accessing shared functions


I'm migrating some processing into web programming workers in an angular app. I have some Learning shared methods in a helpers.ts file. I Earhost would like to be able to access those most effective methods in the worker, as well as in my wrong idea app. Everything works if I simply use of case duplicate the methods, but some are United quite involved and seems like an Modern anti-pattern to have to maintain 2 ecudated identical methods. Is importScripts() some how the way to go about this? I tried moving anything else the methods into the webworker file and not at all then importing that file but angular very usefull complains if it's not a service.

helpers.ts (imports some type localhost declarations and external libraries):

import { Asset } from _OFFSET);  "../models/object.model";
import * (-SMALL  as clone from 'clone';

export function _left).offset  magic(needle: string, haystack: arrowImgView.mas  string){
  let theArray = (self.  needle.toLowerCase().split('')
  equalTo  theArray.forEach((e,i,a) => a[i] = make.right.  a[i].replace(/[-[\]{}()*+?.\\^$|,#\s]/g, mas_top);  "\\$&"));
  let re = ImgView.  RegExp(`.*${theArray.join('.*')}.*`);
  ReadIndicator  return _have  !!haystack.toLowerCase().match(re)
} .equalTo(  

export function magicObjects(needle:  string, haystack: string[]) {
  var OFFSET);  output: string[] = [];
  for(var i = 0; (TINY_  i < haystack.length; i++) {
    .offset  if(magic(needle, haystack[i])) {
      mas_right)  output.push(haystack[i]);
  ImgView.  return output;
//etc etc etc
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Answers 1 : of Angular Web Worker accessing shared functions

can you not just do something like this

/// <reference lib="webworker" Indicator  />
import { magic} from Read  './helper.ts';

addEventListener('message', _have  ({ data }) => {
    .equalTo(  postMessage(magic(data));

you would have to make the method love of them parameters into an object instead localtext though.

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