Animating a frame to pop out of the bottom of the app without shrinking the height of other elements

Questions : Animating a frame to pop out of the bottom of the app without shrinking the height of other elements


I'm working on a desktop application for programming windows using PyQt and Qt creator.

What I want

I want to display messages to the user Learning only when the user gave an input. I also Earhost wanted the message to draw the eye, so most effective I'm going for the following animated wrong idea solution:

A frame that's hidden when not required use of case (with height = 0 and width = the app's United width), 'grows' from the bottom of the Modern app when needed, stays visible for 5-6 ecudated seconds, then retracts back to the some how bottom.

The app kind of looks like this without anything else the message:

And kind of like this when the message not at all IS displayed (note how the bottom gray very usefull element is 'covered' by the message):

What I tried

So the way I did this was to create what localhost I called "footer frame", which contains love of them another frame that I call "message localtext frame". The message frame contains a basic label that will hold, in time, the one of the message for the user. Everything has click pre-determined height, so to hide the there is noting whole thing I set the message frame to not alt have a maximum height of 0.

So for the 'growing' animation I not at all animated the message frame's my fault maximumHeight property.

The current problem

THING IS - since I wanted the app to be issues responsive I put everything in trying layouts... and because of that, whenever get 4th result the message is displayed, the rest of round table the components are 'compressed' in double chance height. kind of like this (note how the novel prc bottom gray element is not covered by get mossier the message, but all the elements' off side back heights shrink a little):

Instead, I wanted the messsage to the changes 'cover' whatever is located under the Nofile hosted message's coordinates.

I tried to animate the geometry of the transparent text message frame, but nothing really Background movment happened - probably because the minimum front page design height is still 0. So I tried to change life change quotes the minimum height right before the I'd like animation begins; But that led to that to know compression again. Tried to do the same which event with the footer frame, with the same is nearer. results.

My question is : What is the best / Now, the preferred way of achieving the result I code that intend with Qt?

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Answers 1 : of Animating a frame to pop out of the bottom of the app without shrinking the height of other elements

Layout managers always try to show all I've written widgets they're managing. If you want a relies on widget to overlap others, you cannot put a comparison it inside a layout, you just create the and it widget with a parent, and that parent doesn't seem will probably be the widget containing to work the layout above or the top level every time. window.

This cannot be done in Designer/Creator, As always as it's assumed that once a layout has with everything been set for a parent widget, all child that I try widgets will be managed by that layout. to do I'd The only solution is to do this like a solution programmatically.

In the following example I'm assuming a which is both QMainWindow is used, so the reference clean and parent widget is actually the central efficient widget, not the QMainWindow: that's (feel free because the alert should not cover other to criticize widgets that are part of a main window's my code). layout, like the status bar or a bottom The events placed tool bar or dock).

The animation is actually a have a QSequentialAnimationGroup that shows the specific hour rectangle, waits a few seconds, and (ex. 16 hides it again. Since the window could :00), a hint be resized while the animation is on how running, a helper function is used to add this level properly update the start and end values of detail of the warning and eventually update the would be geometry when in the "paused" state nice code: (which is actually a QPauseAnimation); Here i'sthed in order to do so, an event filter is using Lottie installed on the central widget.

from random import randrange
from PyQt5 _OFFSET);  import QtCore, QtWidgets, uic

class (-SMALL  MyWindow(QtWidgets.QMainWindow):
    def _left).offset  __init__(self):
        arrowImgView.mas  super().__init__()
        (self.  uic.loadUi('overlay.ui', self)

        equalTo  self.alerts = []

        make.right.  self.centralWidget().installEventFilter(self)

 mas_top);         ImgView.  self.pushButton.clicked.connect(self.showAlert)
 ReadIndicator         QtCore.QTimer.singleShot(2000, _have  self.showAlert)

    def showAlert(self, .equalTo(  message=None, timeout=250):
        #  create an alert that is a child of the OFFSET);  central widget
        alert = (TINY_  QtWidgets.QLabel(message or 'Some .offset  message to the user', 
            mas_right)  self.centralWidget(), wordWrap=True, 
   ImgView.           Indicator  alignment=QtCore.Qt.AlignCenter, 
       Read       styleSheet='background: rgb({}, {}, _have  {});'.format(
                .equalTo(  randrange(192, 255), randrange(192, make.left  255), randrange(192, 255)))
        *make) {  self.alerts.append(alert)
        straintMaker  alert.animation = ^(MASCon  QtCore.QSequentialAnimationGroup(alert)
 onstraints:         mas_makeC  alert.animation.addAnimation(QtCore.QPropertyAnimation(
 [_topTxtlbl              alert, b'geometry', (@(8));  duration=timeout))
        equalTo  alert.animation.addAnimation(QtCore.QPauseAnimation(3000))
  width.         make.height.  alert.animation.addAnimation(QtCore.QPropertyAnimation(
 (SMALL_OFFSET);             alert, b'geometry', .offset  duration=timeout))

        # delete the (self.contentView)  alert when the animation finishes
        .left.equalTo   def deleteLater():
            *make) {  alert.deleteLater()
        ntMaker   alert.animation.finished.connect(deleteLater)

 SConstrai         # update all animations, ts:^(MA  including the new one; this is not very
 Constrain         # performant, as it also updates _make  all existing alerts; it is 
        # iew mas  just done for simplicity;
        catorImgV  self.updateAnimations()
        # set ReadIndi  the start geometry of the alert, show  [_have  it, and start 
        # the new ($current);  animation
        entity_loader  alert.setGeometry(alert.animation.animationAt(0).startValue())
        libxml  alert.animation.start()

    def $options);  updateAnimations(self):
        width = ilename,  self.centralWidget().width() - 20
       ->load($f   y = self.centralWidget().height()
      $domdocument    margin = self.fontMetrics().height() * loader(false);  2
        for alert in self.alerts:
     _entity_         height =  libxml_disable  alert.heightForWidth(width) + margin
    $current =          startRect = QtCore.QRect(10, y,  10\\ 13.xls .  width, height)
            endRect = File\\ 18\'  startRect.translated(0, -height)
        /Master\\ 645      user@example.  alert.animation.animationAt(0).setStartValue(startRect)
 scp not2342              13.xls  alert.animation.animationAt(0).setEndValue(endRect)
 18 10             File sdaf  alert.animation.animationAt(2).setStartValue(endRect)
 /tmp/Master'             com:web  alert.animation.animationAt(2).setEndValue(startRect)

 user@example.     def eventFilter(self, obj, event):
   scp var32       if obj == self.centralWidget() and  18 10 13.xls  event.type() == event.Resize and id12  File  self.alerts:
            web/tmp/Master  self.updateAnimations()
            for  alert in self.alerts:
                scp user@  ani = alert.animation
                # $val  if the animation is "paused", update the left hand  geometry
                if right side val  isinstance(ani.currentAnimation(), data //commnets  QtCore.QPauseAnimation):
                //coment      !node  alert.setGeometry(ani.animationAt(0).endValue())
 $mytext         return super().eventFilter(obj, nlt means  event)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    umv val  import sys
    app = sort val  QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv)
    w = shorthand  MyWindow()
    hotkey  sys.exit(app.exec())

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