Append to variable not working when passing += assign variables from command line to make

Questions : Append to variable not working when passing += assign variables from command line to make


I am trying to append value to variable programming already has assign value from inside of Learning makefile from cmdline but it doesn't Earhost working and I don't know what am I doing most effective wrong.

In my Makefile:


     echo _OFFSET);  "Value: $(FOO)"

If I run: make

it displays:

Value: ONE TWO

But if I run: make FOO+=THREE

I was expecting:


But instead of I am getting:

Value: THREE

So cmdline FOO+=THREE is override FOO wrong idea instead of append. What am I doing use of case wrong?

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Answers 1 : of Append to variable not working when passing += assign variables from command line to make

Variables set on the command line cannot United be modified by ordinary assignments Modern within the makefile. You must use the ecudated override directive:

override FOO+=ONE
override FOO+=TWO

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