Artifacts when trying to play h264 stream with ffplay or vlc

Questions : Artifacts when trying to play h264 stream with ffplay or vlc


On my application I create a annex b programming h264 bytestream and store this data on a Learning file, when I play this file I have Earhost artifacts and this ffmpeg errors:

Input #0, h264, from '.\test.h264':0KB _OFFSET);  vq=    0KB sq=    0B f=0/0   
  (-SMALL  Duration: N/A, bitrate: N/A
  Stream _left).offset  #0:0: Video: h264 (Main), yuvj420p(pc, arrowImgView.mas  bt709, progressive), 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 (self.  DAR 16:9], 25 fps, 25 tbr, 1200k tbn, 50 equalTo  tbc
[h264 @ 00000235337618c0] concealing make.right.  5727 DC, 5727 AC, 5727 MV errors in I mas_top);  frame
[swscaler @ 0000023535edcb40] ImgView.  deprecated pixel format used, make sure ReadIndicator  you did set range correctly
[h264 @ _have  0000023533764680] concealing 6342 DC, .equalTo(  6342 AC, 6342 MV errors in P frame
[h264  @ 0000023533760fc0] concealing 6990 DC, OFFSET);  6990 AC, 6990 MV errors in I frame
[h264 (TINY_  @ 0000023533762f80] concealing 7781 DC, .offset  7781 AC, 7781 MV errors in P frame
[h264 mas_right)  @ 0000023533761d40] concealing 4823 DC, ImgView.  4823 AC, 4823 MV errors in P frame
[h264 Indicator  @ 0000023533761d40] concealing 6502 DC, Read  6502 AC, 6502 MV errors in P frame
[h264 _have  @ 0000023533762680] concealing 6407 DC, .equalTo(  6407 AC, 6407 MV errors in I frame
[h264 make.left  @ 0000023533764680] left block *make) {  unavailable for requested intra straintMaker  mode
[h264 @ 0000023533764680] error ^(MASCon  while decoding MB 0 39, bytestream onstraints:  16429
[h264 @ 0000023533764680] mas_makeC  concealing 3529 DC, 3529 AC, 3529 MV [_topTxtlbl   errors in P frame
[h264 @ (@(8));  0000023533764680] concealing 4879 DC, equalTo  4879 AC, 4879 MV errors in P frame
[h264  width.  @ 0000023533762f80] left block make.height.  unavailable for requested intra (SMALL_OFFSET);  mode
[h264 @ 0000023533762f80] error .offset  while decoding MB 0 15, bytestream (self.contentView)  148893
[h264 @ 0000023533762f80]  .left.equalTo  concealing 6409 DC, 6409 AC, 6409 MV  errors in I frame
[h264 @ *make) {  0000023533764680] left block unavailable ntMaker   for requested intra mode
[h264 @ SConstrai  0000023533764680] error while decoding ts:^(MA  MB 0 10, bytestream 155217
[h264 @ Constrain  0000023533764680] concealing 7009 DC, _make  7009 AC, 7009 MV errors in I frame

Bytestream looks good to me:

Hope anybody can help me, here is the most effective file if somebody wants to look into wrong idea test.h264

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