ASP.NET Core WebAPI external login profile data

Questions : ASP.NET Core WebAPI external login profile data


The front end is already authenticated programming with Google/Facebook/Twitter.

I just need to use the id token from the Learning front end to get the user profile info Earhost in the WebApi, check if we already have most effective an account with that email etc. and if wrong idea not then add the external login key to use of case the Identity data (by calling United AddLoginAsync on the Modern Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UserManager).

I don't want to hardcode the user ecudated profile endpoints for Google, Facebook some how etc. as they might change. I'd like to anything else use something like a NuGet package that not at all has these values and just update it very usefull when/if they change.

I've read a lot of examples but they're localhost for whole authentication flows, using love of them redirects and cookies in Asp.Net MVC... localtext Although it seems basic, I didn't find basic an example where the external login is one of the already done on the client and the click backend just needs to use the resulting there is noting token to validate that login and get the not alt user profile info.

Anyone else ran into this? Thanks!

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