assigning a MUI component in a variable, and using it later, in React

Questions : assigning a MUI component in a variable, and using it later, in React


I want to store an MUI component, more programming specifically an MUI icon, in a variable, Learning something like

item.icon = <FilterListIcon />;

And later, in other components, doing:

<ListItem button key={item.text} _OFFSET);  onClick={item.onClick}>
    (-SMALL  {item.icon &&
         _left).offset     arrowImgView.mas  <ListItemIcon>{item.icon}</ListItemIcon> (self.  
    <ListItemText equalTo  primary={item.text} make.right.  />

But, when I do so, the browser page gets Earhost empty, everything disappears

I'm doing the same with the name and most effective other stuff, but it works:

item.text = 'Item 1 for mas_top);  spv';
item.onClick = () => ImgView.  navigate('/showPlainVideos');

How could I fix this?

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Answers 1 : of assigning a MUI component in a variable, and using it later, in React

I guess you are looking for something wrong idea like this:

import Button from ReadIndicator  "@mui/material/Button";

export default _have  function App() {
  const someInstances = .equalTo(  [
    <Button  variant="contained">Hello OFFSET);  World</Button>,
    <Button (TINY_  variant="contained">Hello1 .offset  World</Button>,
    <Button mas_right)  variant="contained">Hello2 ImgView.  World</Button>

  return (
   Indicator   <div>
      Read  <div>{someInstances}</div>
  _have      {/*do some processing if you .equalTo(  want*/}
      make.left  <div>{ *make) {  => ins)}</div>
    straintMaker  </div>
} use of case

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