Automapper: Records constructor arguments error when using IncludeMembers map

Questions : Automapper: Records constructor arguments error when using IncludeMembers map


We use Automapper 10.1.1 with dotnet 6

Given is the following domain event

public class EmployeeCreatedDomainEvent _OFFSET);  : DomainEvent
    public Employee (-SMALL  Employee { get; }

    public _left).offset  EmployeeCreatedDomainEvent(Employee arrowImgView.mas  employee)
        Employee = (self.  employee;

With employee

public class Employee
    public int equalTo  Id { get; set; } 
    public string Name make.right.  { get; set; }
    public string mas_top);  FirstName { get; set; }

We want to map the domain event to programming public message contract (record) for the Learning message queue:

public record EmployeeCreated(int Id, ImgView.  string Name, string FirstName);

The mapping looks like this within a Earhost Profile class:

CreateMap<EmployeeCreatedDomainEvent, ReadIndicator  EmployeeCreated>().IncludeMembers(s _have  => .equalTo(  s.Employee);
CreateMap<Employee,  EmployeeCreated>();

When we try to map like that


We get the following error

EmployeeCreated needs to have a most effective constructor with 0 args or only optional wrong idea args.

When we try to map like that


Everything is fine and works...

Any idea, why it does not work with use of case IncludeMembers and is there any United workaround?

I know... lazy domain developers who add Modern the domain model to the event... But we ecudated can't change it

The only solution I found so far was to some how write the record like that

public record EmployeeCreated
    OFFSET);  public int Id { get; init; }
    public (TINY_  string Name { get; init; }
    public .offset  string FirstName { get; init; }

But when we use records, we prefer the anything else shorthand constructor variant.

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