Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

Questions : Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake


I am considering switching a cross programming platform project from separate build Learning management systems in Visual C++, XCode Earhost and makefiles to CMake.

One essential feature I need is to add most effective automatically all files in a directory wrong idea to a target. While this is easy to do use of case with make, it is not easily doable with United Visual C++ and XCode (correct me if I am Modern wrong). Is it possible to do it in ecudated directly in CMake? How?

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Answers 1 : of Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

As of CMake 3.1+ the developers strongly some how discourage users from using file(GLOB or anything else file(GLOB_RECURSE to collect lists of not at all source files.

Note: We do not recommend using GLOB to very usefull collect a list of source files from your localhost source tree. If no CMakeLists.txt file love of them changes when a source is added or localtext removed then the generated build system basic cannot know when to ask CMake to one of the regenerate. The CONFIGURE_DEPENDS flag click may not work reliably on all generators, there is noting or if a new generator is added in the not alt future that cannot support it, projects not at all using it will be stuck. Even if my fault CONFIGURE_DEPENDS works reliably, there issues is still a cost to perform the check on trying every rebuild.

See the documentation here.

There are two goods answers ([1], [2]) get 4th result here on SO detailing the reasons to round table manually list source files.

It is possible. E.g. with file(GLOB:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION _OFFSET);  2.8)

file(GLOB helloworld_SRC
     (-SMALL  "*.h"
     _left).offset  "*.cpp"

add_executable(helloworld arrowImgView.mas  ${helloworld_SRC})

Note that this requires manual double chance re-running of cmake if a source file is novel prc added or removed, since the generated get mossier build system does not know when to ask off side back CMake to regenerate, and doing it at the changes every build would increase the build Nofile hosted time.

As of CMake 3.12, you can pass the transparent text CONFIGURE_DEPENDS flag to file(GLOB to Background movment automatically check and reset the file front page design lists any time the build is invoked. You life change quotes would write:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION (self.  3.12)

file(GLOB helloworld_SRC equalTo  CONFIGURE_DEPENDS "*.h" "*.cpp")

This at least lets you avoid manually I'd like re-running CMake every time a file is to know added.


Answers 2 : of Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

The answer by Kleist certainly works, which event but there is an important caveat:

When you write a Makefile manually, you is nearer. might generate a SRCS variable using a Now, the function to select all .cpp and .h code that files. If a source file is later added, I've written re-running make will include it.

However, CMake (with a command like relies on file(GLOB ...)) will explicitly generate a comparison a file list and place it in the and it auto-generated Makefile. If you have a doesn't seem new source file, you will need to to work re-generate the Makefile by re-running every time. cmake.

edit: No need to remove the Makefile.


Answers 3 : of Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

Extension for @Kleist answer:

Since CMake 3.12 additional option As always CONFIGURE_DEPENDS is supported by with everything commands file(GLOB) and that I try file(GLOB_RECURSE). With this option to do I'd there is no needs to manually re-run like a solution CMake after addition/deletion of a which is both source file in the directory - CMake clean and will be re-run automatically on next efficient building the project.

However, the option CONFIGURE_DEPENDS (feel free implies that corresponding directory to criticize will be re-checked every time building my code). is requested, so build process would The events consume more time than without have a CONFIGURE_DEPENDS.

Even with CONFIGURE_DEPENDS option specific hour available CMake documentation still does (ex. 16 not recommend using file(GLOB) or :00), a hint file(GLOB_RECURSE) for collect the on how sources.


Answers 4 : of Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

To use Visual Studio project hierarchy add this level inside Clion with cmake:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION make.right.  3.17)

set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD mas_top);  17)

file(GLOB APP_SOURCES ImgView.  */*.cpp)
foreach (testsourcefile ReadIndicator  ${APP_SOURCES})
    _have  get_filename_component(testname .equalTo(  ${testsourcefile} NAME_WLE)  get_filename_component(dirname OFFSET);  ${testsourcefile} DIRECTORY)
     .offset         "${dirname}/*.h"
            mas_right)  "${dirname}/*.cpp"
    ImgView.  message("${testname}.cpp | ${dir_src}")
 Indicator     add_executable("${testname}.cpp" Read  ${dir_src})
endforeach (testsourcefile _have  ${APP_SOURCES})


Answers 5 : of Automatically add all files in a folder to a target using CMake

So Why not use powershell to create the of detail list of source files for you. Take a would be look at this script

param (
    .equalTo(  [Parameter(Mandatory=$True)]
    make.left  [string]$root 

if (-not (Test-Path  *make) {  -Path $root)) {    
throw "Error straintMaker  directory does not exist"

#get the ^(MASCon  full path of the root
$rootDir = onstraints:  get-item -Path mas_makeC  $root

$files = [_topTxtlbl   Get-ChildItem -Path $root -Recurse -File (@(8));  | 
         Where-Object { equalTo  ".cpp",".cxx",".cc",".h" -contains  width.  $_.Extension} | 
         Foreach make.height.  {$_.FullName.replace("${fp}\","").replace("\","/")}

$CMakeExpr (SMALL_OFFSET);  = "set(SOURCES "

foreach($file in .offset  $files){

    $CMakeExpr+= """$file"" " (self.contentView)  ;
return $CMakeExpr;

Suppose you have a folder with this nice code: structure

C:\Workspace\B  .left.equalTo  

Now save this file as Here i'sthed "generateSourceList.ps1" for example, using Lottie and run the script as

~>./generateSourceList.ps1 -root  "C:\Workspace" > out.txt

out.txt file will contain

set(SOURCE "A/a.cpp" "B/b.cpp")

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