Azure AD graph API to Search multiple users based on UserPrincipalName and Mail

Questions : Azure AD graph API to Search multiple users based on UserPrincipalName and Mail


Is there a way in Graph API where programming advance query able to search group of Learning users based on Email id and User Earhost Principal Name. We are using filter most effective parameter with "in" clause to search wrong idea users$count=true&$filter=userPrincipalName use of case in United ('','','

Above URL works charm. But we see Mail Modern instead of userPrincipalName, we are ecudated decided to query based on Mail or some how UserPrincipalName property. Is there any anything else support for graph api to search against not at all Mail and UPN property in single call. I very usefull tried with signInNames or otherMails or localhost issuerAssignedId but they are not love of them supported. Any better way for querying localtext both UPN and Mail

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Answers 1 : of Azure AD graph API to Search multiple users based on UserPrincipalName and Mail

• You can use the basic ‘OR’ in advanced one of the query filter parameter to search for click multiple users’ based on there is noting ‘UPN’ and not alt ‘mail’ in a single not at all query call as below: -

‘ my fault$count=true&$filter=mail issues in ('') or userPrincipalName trying in ('') ‘

The above query will give the details of get 4th result the users based on UPN as well as mail round table attribute and fetch the same data from double chance Azure AD related to the users. It will novel prc fetch all the general information that get mossier is available in Azure AD.

Please find the below link for more off side back details on using the OR operator: -

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