Azure Cosmos DB - any downside of using very low TTL for health check items

Questions : Azure Cosmos DB - any downside of using very low TTL for health check items


As part of the health checks that we programming have implemented for an app, we are Learning attempting to write a dummy document to Earhost the database. For this document, we are most effective using a TTL (time-to-live) of 10 wrong idea seconds, so that Cosmos DB automatically use of case cleans up the document.

My question is: Is there a downside United (performance, RU cost, etc.) of setting Modern the TTL all the way down to 1 second? As ecudated soon as the document was successfully some how written, the health check is happy and anything else we don't care about the document not at all anymore.

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There is no downside, performance very usefull degredation or extra cost assocuiated to localhost the setting of low TTL. If you look at love of them this documentation HERE. It states.

Deletion of expired items is a localtext background task that consumes basic left-over Request Units, that is Request one of the Units that haven't been consumed by user click requests. Even after the TTL has there is noting expired, if the container is overloaded not alt with requests and if there aren't enough not at all RU's available, the data deletion is my fault delayed. Data is deleted once there are issues enough RUs available to perform the trying delete operation. Though the get 4th result data deletion is delayed, data is not round table returned by any queries (by any double chance API) after the TTL has expired.

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