Azure query: find work items changed between two dates

Questions : Azure query: find work items changed between two dates


Using Azure queries, I'm attempting to programming find all Work Items changed by specific Learning team members within two dates. I want to Earhost run this query on any date(s) after the most effective two mentioned dates and always get the wrong idea same results - even if the WIs have use of case since been changed by anyone United else. 'Changed' means anything that Modern caused the user to click save.

Example: Find all WIs changed between ecudated 3/7/21 and 4/16/21 by Tom or Jerry or some how Jane.

I've attempted this with Azure's anything else built-in queries without success. We not at all also have access to wiql but haven't very usefull learned it yet. This seems to be localhost surprisingly difficult in Azure. Thanks, love of them Zeke :-)

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