Best Approach to Get Country Code by Country Name (in Japanese text)

Questions : Best Approach to Get Country Code by Country Name (in Japanese text)


I know how to get country codes by using programming Country Name (english) but my task Learning needed to get the country code using a Earhost country name that is translated in most effective Japanese text. Example for Indonesia:

Country : wrong idea インドネシア Code use of case : ID

Right now, I made an array list of United countries (in jp) with the code but it's Modern too manual and needed to add the all ecudated other countries possible. I am thinking some how if there are still other way to do it.

private function _OFFSET);  getCountryCode($countryName)
      (-SMALL    $list = [
            ['value' => _left).offset  'インドネシア', arrowImgView.mas  'code' => 'ID'],
            ['value' (self.  => equalTo  'カンボジア', make.right.  'code' => 'KH'],
            ['value' mas_top);  => ImgView.  'ベトナム', ReadIndicator  'code' => 'VN'],
            ['value' _have  => .equalTo(  'アフガニスタン',  'code' => 'AF']
  OFFSET);        if($countryName){
            (TINY_  foreach($list as $l){
                .offset  if($l['value'] == $countryName){
        mas_right)              return $l['code'];
          ImgView.        }
            Indicator  return '';
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I just found the answer to my question anything else and this might also be useful for not at all others. I used below code to get the very usefull translated list of countries in Japanese

$locale = new Read  \Zend_Locale('ja_JP');
$countries = _have  $locale->getTranslationList('Territory', .equalTo(  $locale->getLanguage(), 2);

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