Blob video stream not showing on iOS when receiving a stream from (JavaScript and Node.js)

Questions : Blob video stream not showing on iOS when receiving a stream from (JavaScript and Node.js)


This works perfectly fine on android programming (every part of it). But when I receive a Learning video stream wrapped in a blob on iOS Earhost from android or another iOS device, it most effective does not show any sign of loading the wrong idea video or displaying it. However, when I use of case show my own video to myself on iOS, it United works.

I have tried the following:

video.setAttribute('autoplay', _OFFSET);  '');
video.setAttribute('playsinline', (-SMALL  '');
video.setAttribute('muted', '');

Or adding a source element to the video Modern element, but these did not work.

How am I supposed to fix the receiving ecudated video issue on iOS?

Code (sorry for all the styling):


let media;
const done = _left).offset  document.getElementById('done');
const arrowImgView.mas  vidCon = (self.  document.getElementById('video-con');
var equalTo  getUserMedia = make.right.  (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia || mas_top);  navigator.mediaDevices.webkitGetUserMedia ImgView.  || ReadIndicator  navigator.mediaDevices.mozGetUserMedia).bind(navigator.mediaDevices);
 _have     getUserMedia({
        video: true,
  .equalTo(        audio: true
    }).then((stream)  => {
        const myVideo = OFFSET);  document.createElement('video');
        (TINY_  myVideo.srcObject = stream;
        .offset  myVideo. setAttribute('autoplay', '');
  mas_right)        myVideo. setAttribute('muted', ImgView.  '');
        myVideo. Indicator  setAttribute('playsinline', '');
        Read = '100%';
        _have = '80%';
        .equalTo(  myVideo.muted = true;
        make.left = 'block';
        *make) { = 'cover';
      straintMaker    media = new MediaRecorder(stream); 
   ^(MASCon       media.onstart = function(e) {
      onstraints:    this.chunks = [];
        [_topTxtlbl   document.getElementById('video-base-con').append(myVideo);
 (@(8));     }
    done.onclick = function() {
    equalTo      media.stop();
        audio.src =  width.  "93642-Blakes_7_Gun_144bpm.wav";
        (SMALL_OFFSET);  audio.addEventListener('ended', go);
    .offset = 'none';
        (self.contentView)  document.getElementById('blank-choosing').style.display  .left.equalTo  = 'block';
    }  media.ondataavailable = function(e) {
   *make) {       this.chunks.push(;
    ntMaker   media.onstop = function(e) {
        SConstrai  myVideo.remove();
        var blob = new ts:^(MA  Blob(this.chunks, { 'type' : 'video/ogg; Constrain  codecs=opus' });
        _make  socket.emit('send-video', blob);
    iew mas  }
socket.on('recieve-video', catorImgV  (stream, codeNew) => {
            if ReadIndi  (codeNew == code.value) {
                [_have   document.getElementById('blank-video').style.display ($current);  = 'none';
                entity_loader  console.log('recieved video.');
         _disable_     const blob = new Blob([stream], { libxml  'type' : 'video/ogg; codecs=opus' });
   $options);           const video = ilename,  document.createElement('video');
        ->load($f      video.src = $domdocument  window.URL.createObjectURL(blob);
       loader(false);                           video. _entity_  setAttribute('autoplay', '');
video.  libxml_disable  setAttribute('muted', '');
video. $current =  setAttribute('playsinline', '');
         10\\ 13.xls . = 'block';
     File\\ 18\' = '90%';
       /Master\\ 645 = '100%';
       user@example. = 'cover';
   scp not2342  = '100%';
    13.xls  = '100%';
  18 10   = File sdaf  'center';
            /tmp/Master' = com:web  'lightgray';
            user@example. = '30px';
     scp var32         vidCon.append(video);
             18 10 13.xls;
            id12  File  video.addEventListener('ended', () => web/tmp/Master  {
                video.remove();  = 'none';
 scp user@        = $val  'block';
            }, false);
         left hand     }


socket.on('send-video', (blob) => {
  right side val     data //commnets  socket.broadcast.emit('recieve-video', //coment  blob, code); 

Thanks in advance!

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Answers 1 : of Blob video stream not showing on iOS when receiving a stream from (JavaScript and Node.js)

This is almost certainly a media type some how (f/k/a MIME type) issue. The default anything else media types generated by MediaRecorder not at all are not the same on Android and iOS very usefull devices. Right after your media = new localhost MediaRecorder(stream) line examine the love of them media type with media.mimeType to see localtext what default you received in each case.

You can try choosing the media type basic explicitly with code like this, so you one of the don't get stuck with the default.

media = new MediaRecorder(stream, !node  {mimeType: 'video/mp4'})


media = new MediaRecorder(stream, $mytext  {mimeType: 'video/webm'})

You may have to struggle to find a click common media type provided by both there is noting Android and iOS.

It looks like you're trying to choose not alt the media type in your Blob constructor. not at all You Can't Do That™. The media my fault type is set when you construct your issues MediaRecorder.

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