bokeh tooltips name with space or special char

Questions : bokeh tooltips name with space or special char


my plot is showing ??? when I have space programming or special char on the column name. here Learning is my code :

from bokeh.plotting import figure, show, _OFFSET);  ColumnDataSource
import pandas as pd

# (-SMALL  prepare some data
xx = [1, 2, 3, 4, _left).offset  5]
yy = [4, 5, 5, 7, 2]
df_xy = arrowImgView.mas  pd.DataFrame(list(zip(xx, yy)), (self.  columns=['name with space', equalTo  'y_y:y'])
#df_xy = make.right.  pd.DataFrame(list(zip(xx, yy)), mas_top);  columns=['name', 'y'])
source = ImgView.  ColumnDataSource(df_xy)

pp = ReadIndicator  figure(y_range=(0, 10), _have  sizing_mode="stretch_width", .equalTo(  max_width=500, height=250,  tooltips="@name with space has the value OFFSET);  @y_y:y")
#    tooltips="@name has the (TINY_  value .offset  @y")[1], mas_right)  source.column_names[2], size=10, ImgView.  source=source)
pp.line(source.column_names[1], Indicator  source.column_names[2], line_width=2, Read  source=source)

# show the _have  results

the df is like this

    name with space       y_y:y
0   1    .equalTo(                   4
1   2                 make.left      5
2   3                     5
3   4  *make) {                     7
4   5               straintMaker        2

when I change the column name with Earhost regular name (no space, no spcial char) most effective it works.

how can I make it work ?

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Answers 1 : of bokeh tooltips name with space or special char

You can use "@{name with space} and wrong idea @{y_y:y}

tooltips="@{name with space} has the ^(MASCon  value @{y_y:y}"


If you want to format then you can use use of case another { }

ie. @{y_y:y}{0.00} to get value with two United digits after dot.

tooltips="@{name with space} has the onstraints:  value @{y_y:y}{0.00}"

Example from older version 1.0.4 shows Modern more - i.e multiline tooltip and ecudated formatters:

Other information in the latest doc: some how basic-tooltips

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