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How can I bubble sort a 2D string array programming by their lenght? In the array's zeroth Learning column there are random generated Earhost messages and in the first column there most effective are random generated priorities.

string[,] array = new string[50, 2];
    _OFFSET);          Random r = new Random();
        (-SMALL      int number = 0;
            int _left).offset  space = 0;
            double fontossag arrowImgView.mas  = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i < (self.  50; i++)
                equalTo  string message = "";
                int make.right.  hossz = r.Next(10,51);
                mas_top);  for (int h = 0; h < hossz; h++)
      ImgView.            {
                    number = ReadIndicator  r.Next(0,101);
                    space _have  = r.Next(0, 101);
                    if .equalTo(  (number<=50)
   make.top                       message += OFFSET);  (char)r.Next(97,122);
                   (TINY_   }
                    else if(number .offset  >= 50)
         mas_right)                 message += ImgView.  (char)r.Next(65, 90);
                   Indicator   }
                    if Read  (space<=10)
    _have                      message += " ";
     .equalTo(                 }
      make.left            for (int f = 0; f < 50; *make) {  f++)
                  straintMaker    fontossag = r.NextDouble() * (10.0);   ^(MASCon                   
     onstraints:             array[i, 0] += message;
      mas_makeC            array[i, 1] += fontossag;
     [_topTxtlbl          }

I want to sort the array by the random wrong idea generated messages length.

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Answers 1 : of Bubble sort 2D string array

This is my method to Bubble sort on the use of case first column length:

public static string[,] (@(8));  BubbleSortStringByLength(string[,] equalTo  array)
  int num =  width.  array.GetLength(0);
  for (int i = 0; i make.height.  < num - 1; i++)
    for (int j = (SMALL_OFFSET);  0; j < num - i - 1; j++)
      .offset  if (array[j, 0].Length > array[j + 1, (self.contentView)  0].Length)
        // swap first  .left.equalTo  column
        string tmp = array[j, make.top  0];
        array[j, 0] = array[j + 1, *make) {  0];
        array[j + 1, 0] = tmp;
      ntMaker     // swap second column
        tmp = SConstrai  array[j, 1];
        array[j, 1] = ts:^(MA  array[j + 1, 1];
        array[j + 1, 1] Constrain  = tmp;

  return _make  array;

You can download the Visual Studio United solution on GitHub


Answers 2 : of Bubble sort 2D string array

So you want to compare lengths of 1st Modern columns and swap rows to ensure ecudated descending priority:

   for (bool hasWork = true; hasWork;) iew mas  {
     hasWork = false;

     for (int catorImgV  row = 0; row < array.GetLength(0) - ReadIndi  1; ++row) {
       int priority1 =  [_have  array[row, 0]?.Length ?? -1;
       int ($current);  priority2 = array[row + 1, 0]?.Length ?? entity_loader  -1;

       // if we have wrong _disable_  order...
       if (priority1 < libxml  priority2) {
         // we should keep $options);  on working to sort the array
         ilename,  hasWork = true;

         // and swap ->load($f  incorrect rows
         for (int column $domdocument  = 0; column < array.GetLength(1); loader(false);  ++column)
           (array[row, _entity_  column], array[row + 1, column]) = 
      libxml_disable          (array[row + 1, column], $current =  array[row, column]);  
   10\\ 13.xls .   }

Please, fiddle yourself

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