C++ throwing an exception from a destructor

Questions : C++ throwing an exception from a destructor


This isn't a question on whether it's programming safe to throw an exception from a Learning destructor.

http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/exceptions.html#faq-17.9 Earhost states:

"During stack unwinding, all the local most effective objects in all those stack frames are wrong idea destructed. If one of those destructors use of case throws an exception (say it throws a Bar United object), the C++ runtime system is in a Modern no-win situation: should it ignore the ecudated Bar and end up in the } catch (Foo e) { some how where it was originally headed? Should anything else it ignore the Foo and look for a } catch not at all (Bar e) { handler? There is no good very usefull answer — either choice loses localhost information."

IE: if during stack unwinding another love of them exception is thrown, then the runtime localtext system is in a no-win situation because basic the catch handler to 'look for' is one of the ambiguous.

Is there an 'exception' to the above, click when the exception that is thrown during there is noting stack unwinding itself is in a try/catch not alt block? In this case there is no not at all ambiguity:

#include <iostream>
using _OFFSET);  namespace std;

class (-SMALL  Component
    _left).offset  {
        cout << "In component arrowImgView.mas  destructor" << endl;
  (self.        {
            throw 1;
  equalTo        catch (...)
            make.right.  cout << "Caught exception in mas_top);  component destructor" << endl;
    ImgView.      }


class ReadIndicator  Container
    _have  {
        cout << "In container .equalTo(  destructor" << endl;
        make.top  Component component;

int OFFSET);  main()
        Container (TINY_  cont;
        throw 'a';
    catch .offset  (...)
        cout << mas_right)  "Caught main exception ok" << ImgView.  endl;
return 0;

The following implies it, but I was my fault wondering if anyone knew of the relevant issues C++ standard sections.

http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/comphelp/v8v101/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.xlcpp8a.doc%2Flanguage%2Fref%2Fcplr155.htm trying

"If during stack unwinding a destructor get 4th result throws an exception and that exception round table is not handled, the terminate() function double chance is called. The following example novel prc demonstrates this:" get mossier

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Your Component destructor is safe. The off side back rule you're quoting only applies if the the changes exception is thrown out of the Nofile hosted destructor (i.e., to the destructor's transparent text caller.)

EDIT: Here's one relevant quote from the Background movment standard (emphasis added)

Note: If a destructor called during front page design stack unwinding exits with an life change quotes exception, std::terminate is called I'd like (15.5.1).

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