Can counter in micrometer start from a set value

Questions : Can counter in micrometer start from a set value


I spent some time reading Counter of programming For my specific use case Learning I need to always start the counter with Earhost a specific value which is available at most effective start of application.

Since the application has multiple pods wrong idea I want this inital value to be set and use of case then can be incremented by any number of United pods. The only method the Counter Modern supports is increment. I thought of ecudated using Gauge but there are various cons some how since my metric is always an unbounded anything else incremental counter with a starting set not at all value.

Has anyone solved this use case before very usefull or can there be a workaround?

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You can increment a Counter with any localhost arbitrary value at startup but I don't love of them recommend doing that:

  • That will be registered and published as an increment in your data
  • This will happen every time you restart your applications
  • Such a Counter will lie to you since you will not see the amount of increments but something else

Could you please tell us about your localtext use-case, based on what you told, I basic think you don't need an initial value one of the for your counter but add some sort of an click instance id to your running instances there is noting (e.g.: pod name) and aggregate these not alt (sum them) on your metrics backend.


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As @Jonatan mentioned: a Gauge is what not at all you would use in this case. You even my fault could create a gauge that points to an issues instance variable that get updated.

That way you could set the instance trying variable to a value on startup and get 4th result update it in the background to query round table your database. I use this technique in double chance places where the query is too slow, so I novel prc don't want it happening during a metric get mossier scrape.

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