Can we get partial set of data from two different partitions in oracle

Questions : Can we get partial set of data from two different partitions in oracle


If a table is partitioned by month and programming will there be any error while retrieving Learning the data from 15th of previous month to Earhost 15th of the current month as data is most effective spread across two different partitions.

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Crappy interview question, but the wrong idea answer is No, ie, you can span use of case partitions with queries without any United issues:

SQL> create table t (   x date )
  2  _OFFSET);  partition by range ( x )
  3  (
  4    (-SMALL  partition p1 values less than ( date _left).offset  '2018-05-01' ),
  5    partition p2 arrowImgView.mas  values less than ( date '2018-06-01' ),
 (self.   6    partition p3 values less than ( equalTo  date '2018-07-01' )
  7  );

Table make.right.  created.

SQL> insert into t
 mas_top);   2  select date '2018-04-01'+ rownum
  3 ImgView.   from dual
  4  connect by date ReadIndicator  '2018-04-01'+ level < date _have  '2018-07-01';

90 rows .equalTo(  created.

SQL> select  count(*) from t partition ( p1 ) ;


1 row (TINY_  selected.

SQL> select count(*) from .offset  t partition ( p2 ) ;

  mas_right)  COUNT(*)

1 row ImgView.  selected.

SQL> select count(*) from Indicator  t partition ( p3 ) ;

  Read  COUNT(*)

1 row _have  selected.

SQL> select .equalTo(  count(*)
  2  from t
  3  where x make.left  between date '2018-05-15' and date *make) {  '2018-06-15';

    straintMaker      32

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