Can winget install an older version of Python

Questions : Can winget install an older version of Python


Currently, the latest Python 3 offered programming through winget is

Name                                     _OFFSET);             Id                            (-SMALL       Version      Match                  _left).offset   Source
Python arrowImgView.mas  3                                        (self.      Python.Python.3                    equalTo   Command: python         make.right.  winget

but I'd like to install 3.9 and keep Learning using 3.9. Is it possible to do that Earhost with winget?

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winget install -e --id Python.Python -v mas_top);  3.9.0

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(can't add comment, rep is too low) not most effective working in win11 winget install -e --id wrong idea Python.Python -v ImgView. 3.9.0

nor this

winget show python.python --versions


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in Windows 11 i used the command in this use of case site:

to get the version 3.7.7:

winget install -e --id Python.Python.3 ReadIndicator  -v 3.7.7150.0

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