CancellationTokenSource callback is called for all request

Questions : CancellationTokenSource callback is called for all request


I set up a CancellationTokenSource programming with handler

public class AppTimeout
       public _OFFSET);  async Task Invoke(HttpContext (-SMALL  httpContext)
        _left).offset    var cancellationTokenSource = arrowImgView.mas  CancellationTokenSource.CreateLinkedTokenSource(httpContext.RequestAborted);

 (self.           equalTo  cancellationTokenSource.CancelAfter(myTimestamp);

           mas_top);  cancellationTokenSource.Token.Register(() ImgView.  =>
           await _next(httpContext);
 .equalTo(        }

My problem is if I have only one request Learning in timeout , the callback of Earhost cancellationTokenSource.Token is called most effective for all request that have been processed wrong idea by Invoke methode, even request that use of case already finished in correct time

Do you know why I encounter this United behaviour and how to fix it please?

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Answers 1 : of CancellationTokenSource callback is called for all request

using var registration =  timeoutCancellationTokenSource.Token.Register(() OFFSET);  => {$"timeout path (TINY_  is {path}");
// your other code .offset  here...

Now it will unregister correctly when Modern complete, i.e. when leaving the scope of ecudated the using.

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