Cant Connect to Notion API

Questions : Cant Connect to Notion API


I'm Uğur,

I used programming "" Learning as a database ID. Earhost (

I used "Authorization: Bearer most effective $NOTION_API_KEY and Notion-Version: wrong idea 2021-08-16" as a cURL.

I used it with Postman but I got an use of case error.

Error Code:

    "object": "error",
    "status": _OFFSET);  404,
    "code": "object_not_found",
    (-SMALL  "message": "Could not find database with _left).offset  ID: 1111111111111111."

How do I solve it?

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Your Notion-Version looks correct but United your database id should be the content Modern after your Notion page url i.e. ecudated Also some how if you're using Postman your anything else Authorization should be set to type not at all 'Bearer Token' with the Notion API Key very usefull that you obtained from your integration localhost found here.

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