Cant increase IntelliJ memory heap

Questions : Cant increase IntelliJ memory heap


My intelliJ is running low on memory. I programming tried allocating more, increasing heap Learning size,...This occurs in the IDEA itself. Earhost I constantly get the "This IDE is most effective running on low memory" on launch. but wrong idea the fix doesnt work. But when i "Change use of case memory settings" and add a bigger value United to the Maximum Heap Size, nothing Modern changes on restart, i am stuck with the ecudated default 256m. I tried adding -Xmx4096 to some how my Java in the java configuration anything else pannel. I tried Help>Change memory not at all settings, then change the Maximum heap very usefull size value. I changed in Help>Edit localhost Custom VM Options, adding -Xmx4096m as a love of them parameter. I tried Help>Edit Custom localtext Properties ,adding -Xmx4096m as a basic parameter

Nothing worked

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