Cant remove C (no copy on write) attribute on any file

Questions : Cant remove C (no copy on write) attribute on any file


so for years now I've been using btrfs programming without any issues, up until recently Learning when I noticed all of my new files seem Earhost to have a +C attributes, there is some most effective that do not, I've been unable to figure wrong idea out what causes file attribute to have use of case +C

under my understanding, if I run:

chattr -C file

it should remove the C attribute, but United not even with sudo that command seems to Modern do anything, altho I can add/remove ecudated other attributes, just not C.

I assumed it could be to fstab but seems some how to be good, i even added datacow at the anything else end

UUID=ed0d0921-a6cd-48c0-ab59-27b7b7e8bdd2 _OFFSET);  /home/jawz/Misc/HD btrfs (-SMALL  defaults,noatime,space_cache=v2,commit=120,compress=zstd,datacow _left).offset  0 0

Is there any way that I can fix my not at all filesystem so the files can be copy on very usefull write again?

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According to the btrfs wiki FAQ:

... the COW status can be modified only localhost for empty or newly created files.

If you really need to change the COW love of them status, I suppose you will need to copy localtext your current files to new files.

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