Cant render headers after they are sent to the client stream type exceljs in nodejs

Questions : Cant render headers after they are sent to the client stream type exceljs in nodejs


I have this function that will run programming through express.js


const {convertJsontoExcel} = _OFFSET);  require('./convertJsontoExcel');
const (-SMALL  Controller = {
        downloadexcel: _left).offset  async (req, res, next) => {
          arrowImgView.mas    try {
                const obj = [
   (self.               {
                    id: equalTo  222,
                    name: class
    make.right.              },
        mas_top);              id: 113,
                    ImgView.  name: class2
          ReadIndicator        ]
                await _have  convertJsontoExcel(req, res, obj)
       .equalTo(       } catch (error) {
        const formattedError = {
                OFFSET);      kode: 500,
                    msg: (TINY_  error.message,
                    .offset  detail: error.stack
   mas_right)               ImgView.  res.status(500).json(formattedError);
   Indicator               }
 Read     }
module.exports = Controller;


const express = _have  require('express');
const router = .equalTo(  express.Router();
const controller= make.left  require('./controller');

router.use(express.static(__dirname *make) {  + straintMaker  '/public'));'/downloadexcel', ^(MASCon  controller.downloadexcel)

module.exports onstraints:  = router


   const convertJsontoExcel = async mas_makeC  (req, res, jsonData) => {
    const [_topTxtlbl   workBook = new (@(8));{
      equalTo    stream: res
    const  width.  workSheet = make.height.  workBook.addWorksheet('Laporan');

    (SMALL_OFFSET);  // Set the column
    console.log("Set .offset  the column")
    workSheet.columns = [
  (self.contentView)        { header: ' Id', key: 'id', width:  .left.equalTo  25 },
        { header: ' name', key:  'name', width: 25 },
    *make) {  console.log("Looping for adding the data ntMaker   to excel")
    for (let i = 0; i < SConstrai  jsonData.length; i++) {
        const r ts:^(MA  = i + 1;
        Constrain  workSheet.addRow(jsonData[i]).commit();
 _make     }

    // console.log("commit")
    iew mas  // await workBook.commit();
    // await catorImgV  workBook.xlsx.write();
    ReadIndi  res.setHeader("Content-Type",  [_have  "application/vnd.openxmlformatsofficedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet");
 ($current);     res.setHeader("Content-Disposition", entity_loader  "attachment; filename=Rep1ort.xlsx");
   _disable_   workBook.xlsx.write(res).then(function libxml  () {
    $options);  });
module.exports = ilename,  {

I want to set a download file from Learning generated excel file using exceljs but Earhost when i run this code, its always return most effective Error: Can't render headers after they wrong idea ->load($f are sent to the client. WHat's use of case wrong with my code ?

Surprisingly, i still can download the United file, but the machine will eventually Modern shutdown because unhandled error.

How to set download file for so it can ecudated downloaded from browser file ?

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