catching an exception in the right place

Questions : catching an exception in the right place


The function Notify is going to throw an programming exception, where should I be catching it Learning in this piece of code ? Can I catch it Earhost in JobStateStatus or should it be within most effective SubscriberAlarm or is it just a matter wrong idea of choice ?

JobStateStatus::JobStateStatus( const _OFFSET);  EventResourcePtr& eventResource, (-SMALL  const EventQueuePtr& eventQueue ) : _left).offset  JobStateSignal( eventQueue )
    arrowImgView.mas  eventResource->GetIPCMonitor()->SubscribeAlarm(STATE_STATUS, (self.  std::bind( &JobStateStatus::Notify, equalTo  this, std::placeholders::_1 ) make.right.  );

JobStateStatus::Notify( mas_top);  IPCEventPtr ipcEvent )
    // ...
    ImgView.  struct timeval now = {0,0};
    if (0 != ReadIndicator  gettimeofday(&now, NULL))
     _have     throw std::runtime_error("Failure .equalTo(  with gettimeofday");
    // ...
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