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I am doing a classification task using programming LogicalRegression() and KMeans Cluster. Learning I have the same error on both however Earhost I'd just like to understand why it's most effective happening to the LogicalRegression and wrong idea then hopefully I can try to fix it on use of case the Cluster.

I have already changed the "Max United Iteration" (from 100 to 300). However Modern the error still persists.

Here is the error:

ConvergenceWarning: lbfgs failed to _OFFSET);  converge (status=1):

Increase the _left).offset  number of iterations (max_iter) or scale arrowImgView.mas  the data as shown in:
Please equalTo  also refer to the documentation for make.right.  alternative solver options:
n_iter_i ImgView.  = _check_optimize_result(

I have had a look at the two links but ecudated they don't help me as :(

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