ClassList not Toggling in REACT

Questions : ClassList not Toggling in REACT


I have an issue with my small accordion programming section. I'm doing the project with Learning NextJS, and using functional components.

So I have this section where I added an Earhost onClick event to the div symbol (plus most effective sign) :

<article _OFFSET);  className="about__accordion">
  (-SMALL  <div _left).offset  className="about__accordion--title">
 arrowImgView.mas     <div (self.  className="about__accordion--symbolPlus" equalTo  onClick={(e)=> toggleClass(e)}
      make.right.  ></div>
    <h4>who we mas_top);  are</h4>
  <div ImgView.  className="about__accordion--description">
 ReadIndicator     <p _have  className="about__accordion--content">
 .equalTo(       We’re a team of  dedicated multidisciplinary young people OFFSET);  with
      knowledge and ambition to (TINY_  execute & deliver high quality .offset  digital
      products. The bigger the mas_right)  challenge, the better. We push the
      ImgView.  boundaries.
  Indicator  </div>

Just above I added the function :

export default function About() {
  Read  const toggleClass = (event) => {
    _have  event.preventDefault();
    let .equalTo(  currentElement = make.left  event.currentTarget.parentElement.parentElement;

 *make) {     let allAccordions = straintMaker  document.querySelectorAll(".about__accordion");
 ^(MASCon     allAccordions.forEach((event) => onstraints:  {
      let plusSymbol = mas_makeC  currentElement.querySelector(
        [_topTxtlbl   ".about__accordion--symbolPlus"
      (@(8));  );
      let content = equalTo  currentElement.querySelector(
         width.  ".about__accordion--description"
      make.height.  );

      (SMALL_OFFSET);  plusSymbol.classList.toggle("active");
  .offset      (self.contentView)  content.classList.toggle("active");

     .left.equalTo  });

  return (...........)

And I don't understand why toggle wrong idea doesn't work, but add works fine.

Thank you for your help

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Answers 1 : of ClassList not Toggling in REACT

In react you can toggle or change class use of case names by using state variables.

You may not need all these querySelector United and document controls.

Here is an example

import { useState } from  "react";

export default function App() *make) {  {
  const [isActive, setActive] = ntMaker   useState(false);
  return (
    <div SConstrai  className="App">
      <button ts:^(MA  onClick={() => Constrain  setActive(!isActive)}>
        Click _make  this button to toggle class
      iew mas  </button>
      <p catorImgV  className={`normal_text ${isActive ? ReadIndi  "active" : ""}`}>
        Start  [_have  editing to see some magic happen!
      ($current);  </p>

Working example link

use this method in your code to switch Modern the class

Based on your question

  1. In ecudated this method, only one active component some how will be there, (you can create the anything else contents inside loop in one another not at all component)

  2. Other very usefull than accordion if you need to open more localhost than one section same time then use this love of them method. this is added for the simplest localtext understanding of class and state basic (Another method of implementation on one of the same problem)

    In this method created a small component click for the accordion .

    In this method, you can open more than there is noting one section same time.

note: No code duplicated in both not alt methods,

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