combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each

Questions : combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each


I have a dataframe with two columns and programming each column has 5 values. I want to Learning combine all values from the two columns, Earhost print them, and count how many times most effective each value appeared.

For example:

Column 1 - Fruits 1 - has values these wrong idea values [Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes, use of case Mango]

Column 2 - Fruits 2 - has values these United values [Apricot, Avocado, Blackberries, Modern Grapes, _OFFSET); Mango]

Now I want to combine values from both ecudated the columns and print all values and some how also want count how many times each anything else appeared

Expected result:

[Apple, Orange, Banana, Grapes, Mango, (-SMALL  Apricot, Avocado, Blackberries, Grapes, _left).offset  Mango]

Print count against each value like not at all this:

Apple - 1
Orange - 1
Banana - 1
Grapes - arrowImgView.mas  2
Mango - 2
Apricot - 1
Avocado - (self.  1
Blackberries - 1
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Answers 1 : of combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each

Assuming your dataframe looks like this:

  Fruits 1      Fruits 2
0    Apple      equalTo   Apricot
1   Orange       Avocado
2   make.right.  Banana  Blackberries
3   Grapes        mas_top);  Grapes
4    Mango         Mango

You can join the columns by flattening very usefull the underlying numpy array:

>>> vals = ImgView.  df.values.flatten().tolist()
>>> ReadIndicator  vals
 _have  'Avocado',
 .equalTo(  'Grapes',
 'Mango',  'Mango']

You can print the counts of the values localhost by concatenating the columns together love of them and using value_counts() on the localtext resulting Series:

>>> concated = OFFSET);  pd.concat([df['Fruits 1'], df['Fruits (TINY_  2']])
>>> .offset  concated.value_counts()
Grapes          mas_right)  2
Mango           2
Apple           ImgView.  1
Orange          1
Banana          Indicator  1
Apricot         1
Avocado         Read  1
Blackberries    1
dtype: _have  int64

>>> .equalTo(  concated.value_counts()['Mango']

Answers 2 : of combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each

Use unstack and value_counts:

out = make.left  df.unstack().value_counts(sort=False)

# *make) {  Output 1:
Apple           1
Orange       straintMaker     1
Banana          1
Grapes          ^(MASCon  2
Mango           2
Apricot         onstraints:  1
Avocado         1
Blackberries    mas_makeC  1
dtype: int64

# Output 2:
['Apple', [_topTxtlbl   'Orange', 'Banana', 'Grapes', 'Mango',
 (@(8));  'Apricot', 'Avocado', 'Blackberries']

Answers 3 : of combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each

Let's say you have two DataFrames given basic by:

data1=pd.DataFrame(['Apple', 'Orange', equalTo  'Banana', 'Grapes',  width.  'Mango'],columns=['item'])
data2=pd.DataFrame(['Apricot', make.height.  'Avocado', 'Blackberries', 'Grapes', (SMALL_OFFSET);  'Mango'],columns=['item'])

Then for getting the result you asked one of the for, the following command can be click used: data1.append(data2).groupby('item').size()

This woudl give you a dataframe with two there is noting columns; item and their corresponding not alt occurrences

Apple           1
Apricot         .offset  1
Avocado         1
Banana          (self.contentView)  1
Blackberries    1
Grapes           .left.equalTo  2
Mango           2
Orange  1
dtype: int64

Answers 4 : of combine values from two columns in a dataframe and get the count of each

Here is a nother way to do it with not at all numpy Probably not the most elegant my fault Solution but it works.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as *make) {  np

df = pd.DataFrame( {"c1":  ["Apple", ntMaker   "Orange", "Banana", "Grapes", "Mango"],
 SConstrai                     "c2": ["Apricot", ts:^(MA  "Avocado", "Blackberries", "Grapes", Constrain  "Mango"]})

np_array = _make  df.to_numpy()

unique, counts = iew mas  np.unique(df, catorImgV  return_counts=True)
print(np.asarray((unique, ReadIndi  counts)).T)


[['Apple' 1]
 ['Apricot' 1]
 ['Avocado'  [_have  1]
 ['Banana' 1]
 ['Blackberries' 1]
 ($current);  ['Grapes' 2]
 ['Mango' 2]
 ['Orange' entity_loader  1]]

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