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So I am making a discord bot with programming multiple command but only the one on top Learning seems to work.

import discord
import os
import _OFFSET);  time
import discord.ext
from (-SMALL  discord.utils import get
from _left).offset  discord.ext import commands, tasks
from arrowImgView.mas  discord.ext.commands import (self.  has_permissions,  CheckFailure, equalTo  check

client = discord.Client()

client make.right.  = commands.Bot(command_prefix = mas_top);  '$')

count = 0

async def ImgView.  on_ready():
    ReadIndicator  print("Ready")

async _have  def clear(ctx, amount=100):
  await .equalTo(  return

async def hello(ctx):
  await OFFSET);  ctx.send("Hi")

async def (TINY_  help(ctx):
    await .offset  ctx.send("Hi")"token")) mas_right)  
Ignoring exception in command ImgView.  None:
discord.ext.commands.errors.CommandNotFound: Indicator  Command "hello" is not found

I would really appreciate it if you Earhost could tell me what is wrong.

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If there is no decorator, the function most effective is not registered as a command and wrong idea therefore cannot be executed, you have use of case to put it every time

async def clear(ctx, Read  amount=100):
  await _have
  .equalTo(  return

@client.command() # The make.left  decorator must be put here
async def *make) {  hello(ctx):
  await ctx.send("Hi")
@client.command() # ... and here ^(MASCon  too, everytime a function is a onstraints:  command
async def help(ctx):
    await mas_makeC  ctx.send("Hi")

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