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I'm trying to create a function, it programming exists and does not exist in the search Learning feature. Condition does not exist, will Earhost display Error 404. Condition, exists. most effective Then it will display from search. But in wrong idea the code I wrote, it only shows Error use of case 404.

This is my model:

    function search_album($keyword){
    _OFFSET);  $result=$this->db->query("SELECT (-SMALL  tbl_album.*,DATE_FORMAT(album_date,'%d _left).offset  %M %Y') AS date FROM tbl_album WHERE arrowImgView.mas  album_title LIKE '%$keyword%'");
    (self.  return $result;

This is my controller:

function search(){
    equalTo  $keyword=str_replace("'", "", make.right.  $this->input->post('xfilter',TRUE));
 mas_top);     ImgView.  $x['data']=$this->model_album->search_album($keyword);
 ReadIndicator     if(empty($x)  &&  _have  empty($keyword)){
        .equalTo(  $this->load->view('view_contents',$x);     }
    else if (!empty($x)  && OFFSET);   !empty($keyword)){
        (TINY_  $this->load->view('view_error_404');
 .offset     }

I've tried from this source, but it United doesn't work. Can you help me?

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Answers 1 : of Condition Using Controller in Code Igniter

There are several errors in your code:

ONE: You have interchanged your if Modern statements. Like, if the search did not ecudated return any data and the keyword was not some how supplied, it is supposed to display the anything else "view_error_404", otherwise, it is not at all supposed to load data into the view very usefull "view_contents".You did the vice versa I localhost have corrected that for you in the code love of them below.

TWO: You are checking if $x is empty localtext which will never be empty as you have basic initialized $x['data']. Note that the one of the model can return empty data, such that click $x['data'] is empty. Instead, check if there is noting the search result is empty by replacing not alt empty($x) with empty($x['data'])

THREE: In your model, you are returning not at all the query builder class, but not the my fault actual data from the query statement. issues instead, replace return $result; with trying return $result->result();

FOUR: From your if statements, you need get 4th result to add an else statement so that if the round table 2 conditions are never met, it can double chance execute. With your current novel prc implementation, there is a state which get mossier will not meet first or second conditions off side back and will lead to a blank screen.

if(empty($x['data'])  &&  mas_right)  empty($keyword)){
     ImgView.  $this->load->view('view_error_404');
}else Indicator  if (!empty($x['data'])  &&  Read  !empty($keyword)){
    _have  $this->load->view('view_contents',$x); .equalTo(     
    make.left  $this->load->view('view_error_404'); *make) {  // replace this code with your straintMaker  preference

Answers 2 : of Condition Using Controller in Code Igniter

you need to mention search function in the changes routes.php file like this:-

$routes['search'] ^(MASCon  ='your_controller_name/search';

Answers 3 : of Condition Using Controller in Code Igniter

without knowing your function Nofile hosted model_album->search_album($keyword) transparent text and assuming it returns a string or Background movment array, you don't need to worry about front page design checking for the keyword, since without life change quotes a keyword the function should return I'd like false or empty.

anyway you mixed up your if/else to know conditions, since you are checking for which event not empty results to return a 404, is nearer. instead of empty result returning the Now, the 404.

this should do it:

    onstraints:  $this->load->view('view_error_404');
else mas_makeC  {
    [_topTxtlbl   $this->load->view('view_contents',$x);

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