Configuring command destined for App Service in Pipeline

Questions : Configuring command destined for App Service in Pipeline


I need to run a command on my App programming Service (PHP 7.4) once my deployment is Learning done.

I had assumed that in the Release, under Earhost Post Deployment Action, inline script, most effective it would work.

However, I keep getting an error related wrong idea to PHP missing the necessary extension. use of case However, I have no issues running the United command on my App Service via SSH.

In troubleshooting, I was able to Modern determine that the command was being run ecudated in a different environment. I added the some how following to the Post Deployment Action: anything else cat /etc/os-release, which output:

2021-12-10T18:15:09.8013975Z Release _OFFSET);  Pipeline
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8045909Z (-SMALL  PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 9 _left).offset  (stretch)"
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8046571Z arrowImgView.mas  NAME="Debian (self.  GNU/Linux"
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8047311Z equalTo  VERSION_ID="9"
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8047789Z make.right.  VERSION="9 mas_top);  (stretch)"
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8048306Z ImgView.  VERSION_CODENAME=stretch
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8048724Z ReadIndicator  ID=debian
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8049760Z _have  HOME_URL=""
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8050611Z .equalTo(  SUPPORT_URL=""
2021-12-10T18:15:09.8051574Z  BUG_REPORT_URL=""

If I run cat /etc/os-release on my App not at all Service in SSH, I get the following:

PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 10 OFFSET);  (buster)"
NAME="Debian (TINY_  GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 .offset  (buster)"

With that said, what is the best very usefull approach to run my command on my App localhost Service?

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