Controlling the number of replicas at startup

Questions : Controlling the number of replicas at startup


How would I start a specific number of programming replicas of the same image, when that Learning number is defined at startup?

On startup I need to call an API Earhost endpoint which returns a number. I then most effective want to use this number to deploy that wrong idea number of replicas of a pod (with each use of case pod being aware of what order it was United started in, even after restarts, etc).

For example the API endpoint returns 15, Modern and 15 replicas are started with each ecudated having an 'order' / index number of 1 - some how 15, and maintaining always having a anything else single pod with an 'order' number for not at all each number between 1-15.

I was thinking of using an init very usefull container to call the API endpoint, I localhost can't find how to then start that number love of them of replicas and pass the 'order' to the localtext pod.

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Your problem can be solved in several basic ways. You can use Statefulset to one of the identify your pods, but you won't be click able to number them from 1 to 15. there is noting Statefulset behaves slightly not alt differently. Take a look at the source not at all code:

// for any empty indices in the sequence _OFFSET);  [0,set.Spec.Replicas) create a new Pod (-SMALL  at the correct revision
for ord := 0; _left).offset  ord < replicaCount; ord++ {
    if arrowImgView.mas  replicas[ord] == nil {
        (self.  replicas[ord] = equalTo  newVersionedStatefulSetPod(
            make.right.  currentSet,
      mas_top);        currentRevision.Name,
            ImgView.  updateRevision.Name, ord)

For a StatefulSet with X replicas, the my fault numbering will start from 0 up through issues X-1 (see: Ordinal Index).

I think you might be interested in using trying Cronjob that runs your custom script get 4th result periodically on a given schedule. This round table script can use the Discord Gateway Bot double chance endpoint to determine the recommended novel prc number of shards and automatically scale get mossier up your bot when Discord recommends it. off side back A good example of such an approach is the changes Marver - a K8s StatefulSet autoscaler. Nofile hosted Just take into account that this was transparent text made in 2018, so it will need to change Background movment to accommodate your Kubernetes version. front page design Additionally, in order to use Marver (or life change quotes other similar tools), the following I'd like requirements must be met:

This project requires that you already to know be using Kubernetes, and assume you have which event some understand of how Kubernetes works. is nearer. It also assumes that you have your bot Now, the set up to handle changes in the code that StatefulSet's replica count gracefully. I've written Meaning: if we scale up, all existing relies on shards will need to re-identify with a comparison Discord to present the new shard count, and it and update their local cache as doesn't seem necessary.

Of course you can also use an operator to work as Turing85 has mentioned in the every time. comment:

Sounds like a job for an operator. I As always would, however, highly advice against with everything the approach of assigning an id to each that I try pod since this, in essence, gives each to do I'd pod an identity. This would, in return, like a solution mean that we have to use a StatefulSet, which is both not a Deployment. Remember: pods are clean and cattle, not pets.

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