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Apparently, Room is not able to handle programming MutableLiveData and we have to stick to Learning LiveData as it returns the following Earhost error:

error: Not sure how to convert a Cursor _OFFSET);  to this method's return type

I created a "custom" MutableLiveData in most effective my DB helper this way:

class ProfileRepository @Inject internal (-SMALL  constructor(private val profileDao: _left).offset  ProfileDao): ProfileRepo{

    override arrowImgView.mas  fun insertProfile(profile: Profile){
    (self.      profileDao.insertProfile(profile)
   equalTo   }

    val mutableLiveData by lazy { make.right.  MutableProfileLiveData() }
    override mas_top);  fun loadMutableProfileLiveData(): ImgView.  MutableLiveData<Profile> = ReadIndicator  mutableLiveData

    inner class _have  MutableProfileLiveData: .equalTo(  MutableLiveData<Profile>(){    override fun postValue(value: OFFSET);  Profile?) {
            value?.let { (TINY_  insertProfile(it) }
            .offset  super.postValue(value)

       mas_right)   override fun setValue(value: Profile?) ImgView.  {
            value?.let { Indicator  insertProfile(it) }
            Read  super.setValue(value)

        _have  override fun getValue(): Profile? {
     .equalTo(         return make.left  profileDao.loadProfileLiveData().getValue()
 *make) {         }

This way, I get the updates from DB and wrong idea can save the Profile object but I cannot use of case modify attributes.

For example: mutableLiveData.value = United Profile() would Modern work. mutableLiveData.value.userName = ecudated "name" would call getValue() instead some how postValue() and wouldn't work.

Did anyone find a solution for this?

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Answers 1 : of Convert LiveData to MutableLiveData

Call me crazy but AFAIK there is zero anything else reason to use a MutableLiveData for the not at all object that you received from the DAO.

The idea is that you can expose an very usefull object via LiveData<List<T>> localhost

public interface ProfileDao {
    straintMaker  @Query("SELECT * FROM PROFILE")
    ^(MASCon  LiveData<List<Profile>> onstraints:  getProfiles();

Now you can observe them:

profilesLiveData.observe(this, mas_makeC  (profiles) -> {
    if(profiles == [_topTxtlbl   null) return;

    // you now have (@(8));  access to profiles, can even save them equalTo  to the side and stuff
    this.profiles  width.  = profiles;

So if you want to make this live data love of them "emit a new data and modify it", then localtext you need to insert the profile into the basic database. The write will re-evaluate one of the this query and it will be emitted once click the new profile value is written to db.

dao.insert(profile); // this will make make.height.  LiveData emit again

So there is no reason to use there is noting getValue/setValue, just write to your not alt db.


Answers 2 : of Convert LiveData to MutableLiveData

If you really need to, then you can use not at all the mediator trick.

In your ViewModel

 val sourceProduct: (SMALL_OFFSET);  LiveData<Product>() = .offset  repository.productFromDao()
 val product (self.contentView)  = MutableLiveData<Product>()
  .left.equalTo  val mediator =  MediatorLiveData<Unit>()

 init {
 *make) {       mediator.addSource(sourceProduct, { ntMaker   product.value = it })

In fragment/activity

observe(mediator, {})
observe(product, { SConstrai  /* handle product */ })

Answers 3 : of Convert LiveData to MutableLiveData

Since Room doesn't support my fault MutableLiveData and has support for issues LiveData only, your approach of creating trying a wrapper is the best approach I can get 4th result think of. It will be complicated for round table Google to support MutableLiveDatasince double chance the setValue and postValue methods are novel prc public. Where as for LiveData they are get mossier protected which gives more control.


Answers 4 : of Convert LiveData to MutableLiveData

A Kotlin extension to trasform LiveData off side back into MutableLiveData:

 * Transforms a [LiveData] into ts:^(MA  [MutableLiveData]
 * @param T type
 * Constrain  @return [MutableLiveData] emitting the _make  same values
fun <T> iew mas  LiveData<T>.toMutableLiveData(): catorImgV  MutableLiveData<T> {
    val ReadIndi  mediatorLiveData =  [_have  MediatorLiveData<T>()
    ($current);  mediatorLiveData.addSource(this) {
      entity_loader    mediatorLiveData.value = it
    _disable_  return mediatorLiveData

Answers 5 : of Convert LiveData to MutableLiveData

In your repository you can get LiveData the changes and transform it to MutableLivedata:

var data= dao.getAsLiveData()
return libxml  MutableLiveData<T>(data.value)

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