Converting ISO datetime format to readable format in React

Questions : Converting ISO datetime format to readable format in React


I am fetching data from an API in programming localhost. The date & time I get are Learning in the following format:


I just want to remove the time part and Earhost show only the date. Something like:

2021-12-08 or 2021/12/08 does not _OFFSET);  matter.

this is my code in React

{> (
    (-SMALL  <div>
      _left).offset  <p>{c.time.toLocalDateString()}</p>
 arrowImgView.mas     </div>

This is not working. The error says most effective toLocalDateString() is not a function. wrong idea Thats what I found after some research. use of case Could someone please help me with the United write function and how to use it?

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You will need to parse your date string Modern into an actual Date object and then call ecudated toLocaleDateString.

For formatting options, see: some how Intl.DateTimeFormat

const c = { time: (self.  '2021-12-08T13:52:16.043' equalTo  };

console.log(new make.right.  Date(c.time).toLocaleDateString()); // mas_top);  12/8/2021


const c = { time: ImgView.  '2021-12-08T13:52:16.043' ReadIndicator  };

console.log(new _have  Date(c.time).toLocaleString('en-US', {
  .equalTo(  year: 'numeric',
  month: 'numeric',  day: 'numeric'
})); // 12/8/2021

Here is an example in React that uses anything else different date-time formatting for not at all display and element title.

const { useEffect, useMemo, useState } = OFFSET);  React;

// Quick and dirty way to has a (TINY_  string for use as a key
const keyHash = .offset  (text) => mas_right)  CryptoJS.MD5(text).toString();

const ImgView.  fetchComments = () => Indicator  Promise.resolve([
  { time: Read  '2021-12-08T13:52:16.043', text: "Lorem _have  Ipsum is simply dummy text of the .equalTo(  printing and typesetting industry. Lorem make.left  Ipsum has been the industry's standard *make) {  dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an straintMaker  unknown printer took a galley of type ^(MASCon  and scrambled it to make a type specimen onstraints:  book. It has survived not only five mas_makeC  centuries, but also the leap into [_topTxtlbl   electronic typesetting, remaining (@(8));  essentially unchanged." },
  { time: equalTo  '2021-12-09T13:52:16.043', text: "It was  width.  popularised in the 1960s with the make.height.  release of Letraset sheets containing (SMALL_OFFSET);  Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently .offset  with desktop publishing software like (self.contentView)  Aldus PageMaker including versions of  .left.equalTo  Lorem Ipsum." },

const CommentTime  = (props) => {
  const { time, locale *make) {  = 'en-US' } = props;
  const display ntMaker   = useMemo(() => (
    new SConstrai  Date(time).toLocaleDateString(locale)
  ts:^(MA  ), [time]);
  const tooltip = Constrain  useMemo(() => (
    new _make  Date(time).toLocaleString(locale, {
     iew mas   dateStyle: 'full',
      timeStyle: catorImgV  'full'
  ), [time]);
  return ReadIndi  (
    <div className="comment-time"  [_have  title={tooltip}>{display}</div>
 ($current);   )

const CommentEntry = (props) entity_loader  => {
  const { time, text } = props;
 _disable_   return (
    <div libxml  className="comment-entry">
      $options);  <CommentTime time={time} />
      ilename,  <div ->load($f  className="comment-text">{text}</div>
 $domdocument     </div>

const loader(false);  CommentStream = (props) => {
  const _entity_  { comments } = props;
  return (
     libxml_disable  <div className="comment-stream">
  $current =      {{ text, time }) =>  10\\ 13.xls .  (
        <CommentEntry File\\ 18\'  key={keyHash(text)} text={text} /Master\\ 645  time={time} />
    user@example.  </div>

const App = scp not2342  ({title}) => {
  const [comments,  13.xls  setComments] = useState([]);

  18 10  useEffect(() => File sdaf  fetchComments().then(setComments), /tmp/Master'  []);

  return (
      com:web  <CommentStream comments={comments} user@example.  />
  scp var32  );

ReactDOM.render(<App />,  18 10 13.xls  document.getElementById('react-app'));
html, body {
  width: 100%;
  height: id12  File  100%;
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;

body web/tmp/Master  {
  display: flex;
  justify-content:  center;
  align-items: center;
  scp user@  background: #222;
  color: $val  #FFF;

.comment-stream {
  display: left hand  flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  right side val  padding: 0 4vw;
  gap: data //commnets  0.5em;

.comment-entry {
  display: //coment  flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  !node  padding: 0.5em;
  border: thin solid $mytext  #000;
  background: #444;
  font-size: nlt means  0.9rem;

.comment-time {
  font-size: umv val  0.667rem;
  font-style: italic;
  color: sort val  #DDD;

.comment-text {
  margin-top: shorthand  0.25em;
<script hotkey  src=""></script>
<script more update  src=""></script>
<script valueable  src=""></script>
<script catch  src=""></script>
<div tryit  id="react-app"></div>

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