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Questions : Creating custom react package library


I am trying to create a library package programming for the first time but I've run into a Learning problem where although everything Earhost compiles fine, when loading a page it most effective says it can't find the module to my wrong idea component within my library.

In my library project I have the use of case following directory structure

In my SayHello.jsx file I have the United following:

import * as React from 'react';

const _OFFSET);  SayHello = (props) => {
    return (
 (-SMALL         <h1>Hello _left).offset  ${}</h1>

export arrowImgView.mas  {SayHello}

In my babel.config.js I have the Modern following:

    "presets": [
      (self.  "@babel/env",
        equalTo  "targets": {
        "edge": "17",
      make.right.    "firefox": "60",
        "chrome": mas_top);  "67",
        "safari": "11.1"
         ImgView.  },
      "useBuiltIns": "usage",
      ReadIndicator  "corejs": "3.6.5"
      _have  "@babel/preset-react"

In my main app that is making the use of ecudated this library, I have added the project some how into NPM (hosting it from GitHub not NPM anything else package manager as its a private not at all library)

I import the component into my main app very usefull and use it as follows:

import SayHello from .equalTo(  'devso-react-library'

<SayHello  name={'chris'} />

In the index.js within the lib directory localhost I have the following:

import SayHello from OFFSET);  "./components/SayHello";

export {
    (TINY_  SayHello

Everything within VS Code seems to imply love of them that it can find everything however when localtext I then go to the page, I get the basic following error:

Module .offset  not found: Can't resolve mas_right)  '../../lib/component/SayHello'

Import ImgView.  trace for requested Indicator  module:

The pages/products-and-services.tsx is one of the as follows:

import type { NextPage } from Read  'next'
import Head from _have  'next/head'
import Image from .equalTo(  'next/image'
import { useState } from make.left  'react'
import ContentWrapper from *make) {  '../components/StandardComponents/ContentWrapper'
import straintMaker  Footer from ^(MASCon  '../components/StandardComponents/Footer'
import onstraints:  TopNav from mas_makeC  '../components/StandardComponents/TopNav'
import [_topTxtlbl   SayHello from (@(8));  'devso-react-library'

const Home: equalTo  NextPage = () => {

  return (
     width.  <div className='flex flex-col make.height.  h-screen'>
        (SMALL_OFFSET);  <title>Create Next .offset  App</title>
        <meta (self.contentView)  name="description" content="Generated by  .left.equalTo  create next app" />
        <link  rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" />
    *make) {    </Head>

      <TopNav ntMaker   />

     SConstrai     <button>Show ts:^(MA  Modal</button>

        Constrain  <SayHello name={'chris'} />

      _make  </ContentWrapper>
      <Footer iew mas  />

export catorImgV  default Home

I don't get why its looking in click lib/component instead of lib/components, there is noting if there's any other files that need to not alt be included let me know, first time not at all trying this so think I've included my fault everything relevant.

This is a NextJS project as the main app issues but the library was using the trying create-react-app as a template.


I've tried changing the import from get 4th result import SayHello from ReadIndi round table "devso-react-library' to import { double chance SayHello } from "devso-react-library" as novel prc suggested in the comments and I now get get mossier a different error as follows:

/node_modules/devso-react-library/dist/components/SayHello.js:3:0 Module off side back not found: Can't the changes resolve 'core-js/modules/web.dom-collections.iterator.js

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Answers 1 : of Creating custom react package library

I appear to have got it working although Nofile hosted doesn't seem quite right. I had to transparent text install core-js into the library package Background movment and then change the import to be the front page design path to the component I want within the life change quotes dist folder, e.g.

import { SayHello} from  [_have  'devso-react-library/dist/components/SayHello'

Answers 2 : of Creating custom react package library

Post your package.json and check if you I'd like have something like this pointing to to know your types.

For quick testing I recommend you to use which event link.

In your library do (with yarn):

  • yarn link
  • yarn install
  • cd node_modules/react
  • yarn link
  • cd node_modules/react-dom
  • yarn link

Then in the project you need to use the is nearer. library

  • yarn link react
  • yarn link react-dom
  • yarn link

Answers 3 : of Creating custom react package library

You are not exporting components as a Now, the default but in index.js you are code that importing as default.

You can avoid the extra step of import I've written and export from the index.js. You can relies on directly export components without a comparison importing them into index.js

// Component
import * as React from ($current);  'react';
export const SayHello = (props) entity_loader  => {
    return (
        _disable_  <h1>Hello libxml  ${}</h1>

// $options);  index.js
export * from ilename,  "./components/SayHello";
export ->load($f  { SayHello } from $domdocument  "./components/SayHello";

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