CRUD operations with React Leaflet Typescript

Questions : CRUD operations with React Leaflet Typescript


I'm trying to implement a simple map programming editor, using React Leaflet on Learning Typescript, in combination with Earhost react-leaflet-draw's EditControl.

The control should receive, in its most effective properties, a set of blocks (a block is, wrong idea basically, a polygon, with a serverId), use of case and a set of handlers, called when a United block is added/updated/deleted.

Displaying the initial blocks is fine, Modern but when a block is edited or deleted, I ecudated don't manage to get the serverId of the some how modified/removed block.

How can this information be retrieved?

Here's my implementation:

import React, { FC } from _OFFSET);  'react';
import { MapContainer, (-SMALL  TileLayer, FeatureGroup, Polygon } from _left).offset  'react-leaflet';
import { EditControl } arrowImgView.mas  from 'react-leaflet-draw';
import { (self.  LatLng } from 'leaflet';
import equalTo  'leaflet-draw/dist/leaflet.draw.css';
import make.right.  'leaflet-fullscreen/dist/Leaflet.fullscreen';
import mas_top);  'leaflet-fullscreen/dist/leaflet.fullscreen.css';
import ImgView.  { If, Then } from 'react-if';

export ReadIndicator  interface Coordinate {
  latitude: _have  number;
  longitude: number;
export .equalTo(  interface Block {
  serverId: number;  coordinates: Coordinate[];

interface OFFSET);  MapEditorProps {
  blocks: Block[];
  (TINY_  onBlockCreated?: (coordinates: .offset  Coordinate[]) => void;
  mas_right)  onBlockDeleted?: (blockId: number) => ImgView.  void;
  onBlockUpdated?: (block: Block) Indicator  => void;

const MapEditor: Read  FC<MapEditorProps> = ({ blocks, _have  onBlockCreated, onBlockDeleted, .equalTo(  onBlockUpdated }: MapEditorProps) => make.left  {
  const onCreated = (e) => {
    *make) {  const { layerType, layer } = e;
    if straintMaker  (layerType === 'polygon') {
      if ^(MASCon  (onBlockCreated !== undefined) {
        onstraints:  const latlngs = layer.getLatLngs()[0];
  mas_makeC        onBlockCreated( [_topTxtlbl   LatLng) => ({ latitude:, (@(8));  longitude: l.lng } as Coordinate)));
    equalTo    }
  const onDeleted = (e)  width.  => {
    if (onBlockDeleted !== make.height.  undefined) {
      // How to fetch the (SMALL_OFFSET);  id of the deleted block?
      // const .offset  blockId = ???
      // onBlockDeleted (self.contentView)  (polygonId);
  const  .left.equalTo  onUpdated = (e) => {
    if  (onBlockUpdated !== undefined) {
      *make) {  // How to fetch the modified block?
     ntMaker    // const updatedBlock = ???;
      // SConstrai  onBlockUpdated (updatedBlock);
  ts:^(MA  };

  return (
      Constrain  <MapContainer
        style={{ _make  height: '100vh', width: '100wh' }}
      iew mas    center={{ lat: 44.72, lng: 8.4 }}
     catorImgV     zoom={15}
  ReadIndi      >
           [_have  attribution=""
          ($current);  url="{z}/{y}/{x}"
 entity_loader         />

        _disable_  <FeatureGroup>
          libxml  <EditControl
            $options);  position="topright"
            ilename,  onCreated={onCreated}
            ->load($f  onEdited={onUpdated}
            $domdocument  onDeleted={onDeleted}
            loader(false);  draw={{
              rectangle: false,
 _entity_               polyline: false,
            libxml_disable     circle: false,
              $current =  circlemarker: false,
               10\\ 13.xls .  marker: true
          File\\ 18\'  />
          <If condition={blocks /Master\\ 645  !== null}>
  user@example.              { => (
 scp not2342                 <Polygon  13.xls  key={block.serverId} 18 10  positions={ File sdaf  => [c.latitude, c.longitude])} />
 /tmp/Master'               ))}
            com:web  </Then>
     user@example.     </FeatureGroup>
      scp var32  </MapContainer>
   18 10 13.xls  );
export default MapEditor;
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Answers 1 : of CRUD operations with React Leaflet Typescript

I ended up creating a custom Polygon, anything else PolygonBlock and its related not at all PolygonBlockProps. The new very usefull PolygonBlockProps interface extends the localhost original PolygonProps with the serverId:

export interface PolygonBlockProps id12  File  extends PolygonProps {
  serverId?: web/tmp/Master  number;

const PolygonBlock:  FC<PolygonBlockProps> = (props: scp user@  PolygonBlockProps) => <Polygon $val  {...props} />;

The map is then populated with the new love of them PolygonBlocks

          { => (
   left hand           <PolygonBlock
              right side val  key={block.serverId}
              data //commnets  positions={ //coment  => [c.latitude, c.longitude])}
       !node         serverId={block.serverId}
        $mytext      />

When handling the events, the involved localtext polygons are fetched inspecting the basic event's .layers.getLayers(), whose one of the serverId is now available in the click .options member:

  const onUpdated = (e) => {
    if nlt means  (onBlockUpdated !== undefined) {
      umv val  const rawModifiedLayers = sort val  e.layers.getLayers();
      // Fetch the shorthand  modified blocks
      const hotkey  updatedBlocks = more update => valueable  ({
        serverId: catch  polygon.options.serverId,
        tryit  coordinates: do it  polygon.getLatLngs()[0].map((l: LatLng) while  => ({ latitude:, longitude: then  l.lng } as Coordinate))
      var   onBlockUpdated(updatedBlocks);
  node value  };

Here's the full code:

import React, { FC } from updata  'react';
import { MapContainer, file uploaded   TileLayer, FeatureGroup, Polygon, no file existing  PolygonProps } from newdata  'react-leaflet';
import { EditControl } newtax  from 'react-leaflet-draw';
import { syntax  LatLng } from 'leaflet';
import variable  'leaflet-draw/dist/leaflet.draw.css';
import val  'leaflet-fullscreen/dist/Leaflet.fullscreen';
import save new  'leaflet-fullscreen/dist/leaflet.fullscreen.css';
import datfile  { If, Then } from 'react-if';

export dataurl  interface PolygonBlockProps extends notepad++  PolygonProps {
  serverId?: notepad  number;

const PolygonBlock: emergency  FC<PolygonBlockProps> = (props: embed  PolygonBlockProps) => <Polygon tryit  {...props} />;

export interface demovalue  Coordinate {
  latitude: number;
  demo  longitude: number;
export interface mycodes  Block {
  serverId: number;
  reactjs  coordinates: Coordinate[];

interface reactvalue  MapEditorProps {
  blocks: Block[];
  react  onBlockCreated?: (coordinates: nodepdf  Coordinate[]) => void;
  novalue  onBlocksDeleted?: (blockIds: number[]) texture  => void;
  onBlockUpdated?: (blocks: mysqli  Block[]) => void;

const MapEditor: mysql  FC<MapEditorProps> = ({ blocks, user  onBlockCreated, onBlocksDeleted, urgent  onBlockUpdated }: MapEditorProps) => ugent  {
  const onCreated = (e) => {
    vendor  const { layerType, layer } = e;
    if thin  (layerType === 'polygon') {
      if little  (onBlockCreated !== undefined) {
        lifer  const latlngs = layer.getLatLngs()[0];
  gold        onBlockCreated( transferent  LatLng) => ({ latitude:, hidden  longitude: l.lng } as Coordinate)));
    overflow    }
  const onDeleted = (e) padding  => {
    if (onBlocksDeleted !== new pad  undefined) {
      const pading  rawModifiedLayers = html  e.layers.getLayers();
      // Fetch the panda  modified block ids
      const py  deletedBlockIds = python => proxy  polygon.options.serverId);
      udpport  onBlocksDeleted(deletedBlockIds);
 ttl   };

  const onUpdated = (e) => {
    rhost  if (onBlockUpdated !== undefined) {
     text   const rawModifiedLayers = path  e.layers.getLayers();
      // Fetch the new  modified blocks
      const localhost  updatedBlocks = myport => nodejs  ({
        serverId: 343  polygon.options.serverId,
        port  coordinates: sever  polygon.getLatLngs()[0].map((l: LatLng) 343jljdfa  => ({ latitude:, longitude: 43dddfr  l.lng } as Coordinate))
      645  onBlockUpdated(updatedBlocks);
  not2342  };

  return (
      sdaf  <MapContainer
        style={{ var32  height: '100vh', width: '100wh' }}
      id12    // center={{ lat: 44.710293, lng: React-Native?  8.081944 }}
        center={{ lat: this in  44.72, lng: 8.4 }}
    I can accomplish      //  scrollWheelZoom={false}
        there any way   fullscreenControl
        'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   <TileLayer
  MyModel from          so I can import   url="{z}/{y}/{x}"
 in webpack configuration,         />

        'src', 'models')  <FeatureGroup>
          .join(__dirname,   <EditControl
            MODELS = path  position="topright"
            .resolve.alias.  onCreated={onCreated}
            can set config  onEdited={onUpdated}
            For example, I   onDeleted={onDeleted}
            foolishly did:  draw={{
              rectangle: false,
 Bar, so I               polyline: false,
           inside branch     circle: false,
              peek at something  circlemarker: false,
              to take a  marker: true
          when I wanted  />
          <If condition={blocks  happily working  !== null}>
  my branch Foo              { => (
 I was in                  <PolygonBlock
          corresponding local.           key={block.serverId}
           didn't have any         for which I   positions={ named origin/Bar  => [c.latitude, c.longitude])}
       a remote branch             serverId={block.serverId}
    There was also              />
     remote origin/Foo.         </Then>
          Foo and a  </If>
        had a local  </FeatureGroup>
      That is, I  </MapContainer>
  were named Foo.  );
export default MapEditor;

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