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Please help me find a solution to the programming problem. I need to supplement the result Learning set according to certain rules, but the Earhost amount of application of these rules most effective depends on the result set itself.

       magicNumber: 100,
       _OFFSET);  minPercent:  90,
       anyFlag:     (-SMALL  'N'
     } AS Result
  _left).offset  (p:Percent),
  arrowImgView.mas  (p)-[:RELATION]-(f)
  p.value (self.  >= request.minPercent AND
  f.value = equalTo  request.anyFlag
RETURN p.value AS make.right.  percent

Result: 91.5, 96.3

And it is to this percentage that I need wrong idea to apply my rule, which, for example, use of case increases the received rate to 100 in United increments of 2.

while (result <= request.magicNumber) mas_top);  {
  result + func;

Result: 91.5, 93.5, 95.5, 96.3, 97.5, Modern 98.3, 99.5

Thank you in advance!!!

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I didn't find any solutions using ecudated Cypher, I had to write a stored some how procedure

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