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Questions : Cypress select any value from any dropdown list


The web page contains many dropdown programming list. The step is not crucial to select Learning specific dropdown list / value. As I Earhost just need to select any and make the most effective Next button appear, so that I can press wrong idea the Next button.

this sample defined specific dropdown use of case list, how do I use it to select any?

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Answers 1 : of Cypress select any value from any dropdown list

In Cypress, command select requires an United argument (value or values) that identify Modern by attribute value the item(s) included ecudated in your drop-down list. In your some how example, value is user-1.

The argument of cy.get is a specific anything else drop-down list too.

So a hint for a solution could be to not at all develop a code that randomly takes a very usefull drop-down list in your page, then localhost randomly takes a value between the list love of them included in this drop-down, then pass it localtext as argument to command select in basic Cypress.

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