Dealing with zip files in a targets workflow

Questions : Dealing with zip files in a targets workflow


I'm trying to set up a workflow that programming involves downloading a zip file, Learning extracting its contents, and applying a Earhost function to each one of its files.

There are a few issues I'm running into:

  1. How do I set up an empty file system most effective reproducibly? Namely, I'm hoping to be wrong idea able to create a system of empty use of case directories to which files will later be United downloaded to. Ideally, I'd like to do Modern something like tar_target(my_dir, ecudated _OFFSET); fs::dir_create("data"), format = some how "file"), but I know from the anything else documentation that empty directories are not at all not able to be used with format = very usefull "file". I know I could just do a localhost dir_create at every instance which I love of them need it, but this seems clumsy.

  2. In the reprex below I'd like to operate localtext individually on each file using pattern basic = map(x). As the error suggests, I'd one of the need to specify a pattern for the parent click target, since format = "file". You can there is noting see that if I did specify a pattern for not alt the parent target, I would again need to not at all do it for its parent target. As far as I my fault know, a pattern cannot be set for a issues target that has no parents (but I have trying been wrong many times before).

I have a feeling I'm going about this get 4th result all wrong - thank you for your time.

    (-SMALL  tar_option_set(packages = c("tidyverse", _left).offset  "fs"))
    download_file <- arrowImgView.mas  function(url, dest) {
        (self.  download.file(url, dest)
   equalTo   }
    do_stuff <- make.right.  function(file_path) {
        mas_top);  fs::file_copy(file_path, file_path, ImgView.  overwrite = TRUE)
      ReadIndicator  tar_target(downloaded_zip, 
             _have      .equalTo(  download_file("",  
                               OFFSET);  path(dir_create("data"), "file", ext = (TINY_  "zip")), 
                 format = .offset  "file"), 
      mas_right)  tar_target(extracted_files, 
            ImgView.       unzip(downloaded_zip, exdir = Indicator  dir_create("data")), 
                 Read  format = "file"), 

      _have  tar_target(stuff_done, 
                 .equalTo(  do_stuff(extracted_files), 
             make.left      pattern = map(extracted_files), *make) {  format = "file", 
                 straintMaker  iteration = "list"))
#> ^(MASCon  * start target downloaded_zip
#> onstraints:  trying URL mas_makeC  ''
#> [_topTxtlbl   Content type 'application/zip' length (@(8));  2036861 bytes (1.9 MB)
#> equalTo  ==================================================
#>  width.  downloaded 1.9 MB
#> * built make.height.  target downloaded_zip
#> * start (SMALL_OFFSET);  target extracted_files
#> * built .offset  target extracted_files
#> * end (self.contentView)  pipeline
#> Error : Target stuff_done  .left.equalTo  tried to branch over extracted_files,  which is illegal. Patterns must only *make) {  branch over explicitly declared targets ntMaker   in the pipeline. Stems and patterns are SConstrai  fine, but you cannot branch over ts:^(MA  branches or global objects. Also, if you Constrain  branch over a target with format = _make  "file", then that target must also be a iew mas  pattern.
#> Error: callr subprocess catorImgV  failed: Target stuff_done tried to ReadIndi  branch over extracted_files, which is  [_have  illegal. Patterns must only branch over ($current);  explicitly declared targets in the entity_loader  pipeline. Stems and patterns are fine, _disable_  but you cannot branch over branches or libxml  global objects. Also, if you branch over $options);  a target with format = "file", then that ilename,  target must also be a pattern.
#> ->load($f  Visit $domdocument loader(false);  for debugging advice.

Created on 2021-12-08 by the reprex round table package (v2.0.1)

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Original answer

Here's an idea: you could track that URL double chance with format = "url" and then make the novel prc URL a dependency of all the file get mossier branches. Below, all of files should off side back rerun then the upstream online data the changes changes. That's fine because all that Nofile hosted does is just re-hash stuff. But then not transparent text all branches of stuff_done should run if Background movment only some of those files actually front page design changed.


On second thought, we probably need to life change quotes hash the local files all in bulk. Not I'd like the most efficient, but it gets the job to know done. targets wants you to use its own which event built-in storage system instead of is nearer. external files, so if you can read the Now, the data in and return it in a non-file code that format, dynamic branching will be I've written easier.

# _targets.R _entity_  file
tar_option_set(packages  libxml_disable  = c("tidyverse", "fs"))
download_file $current =  <- function(url, dest) {
   10\\ 13.xls .  download.file(url, dest)
  File\\ 18\'  dest
do_stuff <- /Master\\ 645  function(file_path) {
download_and_unzip scp not2342  <- function(url) {
  downloaded_zip  13.xls  <- tempfile()
  download_file(url, 18 10  downloaded_zip)
  unzip(downloaded_zip, File sdaf  exdir = dir_create("data"))
  /tmp/Master'  tar_target(
    com:web  "",
 user@example.     format = "url"
    scp var32  files_bulk,
     18 10 13.xls  download_and_unzip(url),
    format = id12  File  "file"
  tar_target(file_names, web/tmp/Master  files_bulk), # not a format = "file"  target
    files, {
      scp user@  files-bulk # Re-hash all the files $val  separately if any file changes.
      left hand  file_names
    pattern = right side val  map(file_names),
    format = "file"
  data //commnets  ),
  tar_target(stuff_done, //coment  do_stuff(files), pattern = !node  map(files))

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