Definition for rule vuerequire-prop-types was not found vuerequire-prop-types

Questions : Definition for rule vuerequire-prop-types was not found vuerequire-prop-types


I'm currently struggling with this issue programming when trying to build the administration Learning on my shopware6 instance.

I am not sure to understand what it's Earhost expecting with this error

Definition for rule most effective 'vue/require-prop-types' was not found wrong idea vue/require-prop-types

This is pointing the line 22 which is :

props: {

Here's the index.js file :

import _OFFSET);  './custom-entity-single-select.scss';
import (-SMALL  template from _left).offset  './custom-entity-single-select.html.twig';

const arrowImgView.mas  { Component, Mixin, Utils } = (self.  Shopware;
const { Criteria, equalTo  EntityCollection } = make.right.  Shopware.Data;
const { debounce, get } = mas_top);  Shopware.Utils;

Component.register('custom-entity-single-select', ImgView.  {

    inject: { ReadIndicator  repositoryFactory: 'repositoryFactory', _have  feature: 'feature' },

    mixins: [
    .equalTo(  Mixin.getByName('remove-api-error'),
    OFFSET);  ],

    model: {
        prop: 'value',
 (TINY_         event: 'change',

    .offset  props: {
        value: {
            mas_right)  required: false,
        ImgView.  highlightSearchTerm: {
            type: Indicator  Boolean,
            required: false,
   Read           default: true,
      _have    placeholder: {
            type: .equalTo(  String,
            required: false,
    make.left          default: '',
        *make) {  resetOption: {
            type: straintMaker  String,
            required: false,
    ^(MASCon          default: '',
        onstraints:  labelProperty: {
            type: mas_makeC  [String, Array],
            required: [_topTxtlbl   false,
            default: 'name',
     (@(8));     },
        labelCallback: {
          equalTo    type: Function,
            required:  width.  false,
            default: null,
       make.height.   },
        entity: {
            (SMALL_OFFSET);  required: true,
            type: .offset  String,
        resultLimit: (self.contentView)  {
            type: Number,
             .left.equalTo  required: false,
            default:  25,
        criteria: {
      *make) {        type: Object,
            ntMaker   required: false,
            default() SConstrai  {
                return (new ts:^(MA  Criteria(1, Constrain  this.resultLimit)).getAssociation('stateMachine').addFilter(Criteria.equals('state_machine_state.stateMachine.technicalName', _make  'order_transaction.state'));
            iew mas  },
        context: {
        catorImgV      type: Object,
            required: ReadIndi  false,
            default() {
           [_have        return Shopware.Context.api;
      ($current);        },

        entity_loader  disableAutoClose: {
            type: _disable_  Boolean,
            required: false,
   libxml           default: false,
    $options);  },

    data() {
        return {
       ilename,       searchTerm: '',
            ->load($f  isExpanded: false,
            $domdocument  resultCollection: null,
            loader(false);  singleSelection: null,
            _entity_  isLoading: false,
            // used to  libxml_disable  track if an item was selected before $current =  closing the result list
             10\\ 13.xls .  itemRecentlySelected: false,
            File\\ 18\'  lastSelection: null,

 /Master\\ 645     computed: {
        inputClasses() {
 user@example.             return {
                scp not2342  'is--expanded': this.isExpanded,
         13.xls      };

        18 10  selectionTextClasses() {
            File sdaf  return {
                /tmp/Master'  'is--placeholder': com:web  !this.singleSelection,
   user@example.       },
        repository() {
          scp var32    return  18 10 13.xls  this.repositoryFactory.create(this.entity);
 id12  File         },

         * web/tmp/Master  @returns {EntityCollection}
         */         results() {
            return scp user@  this.resultCollection;
    $val  },

    watch: {
        value(value) {
 left hand             // No need to fetch again right side val  when the new value is the last one we data //commnets  selected
            if //coment  (this.lastSelection && !node  this.value === {
 $mytext                 this.singleSelection = nlt means  this.lastSelection;
                umv val  this.lastSelection = null;
              sort val    return;

            if shorthand  (value === '' || value === null) {
      hotkey            this.singleSelection = null;
  more update                return;

    valueable          this.loadSelected();
 catch     },

    created() {
        tryit  this.createdComponent();

    do it  methods: {
        createdComponent() {
 while             this.loadSelected();
        then  },

         * Fetches the var   selected entity from the server
         node value  */
        loadSelected() {
            updata  if (!this.value) {
                if file uploaded   (this.resetOption) {
                    no file existing  this.singleSelection = {
                newdata          id: null,
                       newtax   name: this.resetOption,
                syntax      };

               variable   return Promise.resolve();
            val  }

            this.isLoading = true;

  save new            return datfile  this.repository.get(this.value, { dataurl  ...this.context, inheritance: true }, notepad++  this.criteria).then((item) => {
      notepad            this.criteria.setIds([]);

    emergency              this.singleSelection = embed  item;
                this.isLoading = tryit  false;
                return item;
     demovalue         });

        demo  createCollection(collection) {
          mycodes    return new reactjs  EntityCollection(collection.source, reactvalue  collection.entity, react  collection.criteria);

       nodepdf   isSelected(item) {
            return novalue === this.value;

     texture     debouncedSearch: debounce(function mysqli  updateSearchTerm() {
        }, 400),

        user  search() {
            if urgent  (this.criteria.term === this.searchTerm) ugent  {
                return vendor  Promise.resolve();

       thin       this.criteria.setPage(1);
          little    lifer  this.criteria.setLimit(this.resultLimit);
 gold             transferent  this.criteria.setTerm(this.searchTerm);
 hidden             this.resultCollection = overflow  null;

            const searchPromise = padding  this.loadData().then(() => {
         new pad         this.resetActiveItem();
          pading    });
            this.$emit('search', html  searchPromise);

            return panda  searchPromise;

        py  paginate() {
            if python  (!this.resultCollection || proxy < udpport * ttl  this.criteria.limit) {
                rhost  return;

            text  this.criteria.setPage( path  + 1);

     new     },

        loadData() {
            localhost  this.isLoading = true;

            myport  return nodejs, { 343  ...this.context, inheritance: true port  }).then((result) => {
                sever  this.displaySearch(result);

            343jljdfa      this.isLoading = false;

            43dddfr      return result;
      645    },

        displaySearch(result) {
   not2342           if (!this.resultCollection) {
  sdaf                this.resultCollection = var32  result;
            } else {
            id12      result.forEach(item => {
         React-Native?             // Prevent duplicate entries
 this in                     if I can accomplish  (!this.resultCollection.has( {
 there any way                          'MODELS/MyModel';. Is   this.resultCollection.push(item);
       MyModel from               }
      so I can import         }

            if in webpack configuration,  (this.resetOption) {
                if 'src', 'models')  (!this.resultCollection.has(null)) {
    .join(__dirname,                   MODELS = path  this.resultCollection.unshift({
         .resolve.alias.                 id: null,
                can set config          name: this.resetOption,
         For example, I              });
        foolishly did:      }

        Bar, so I  displayLabelProperty(item) {
            inside branch  if (typeof this.labelCallback === peek at something  'function') {
                return to take a  this.labelCallback(item);
            when I wanted  }

            const labelProperties =  happily working  [];

            if my branch Foo  (Array.isArray(this.labelProperty)) {
   I was in                 corresponding local.  labelProperties.push(...this.labelProperty);
 didn't have any             } else {
                for which I   labelProperties.push(this.labelProperty);
 named origin/Bar             }

            return a remote branch => There was also  {
                return remote origin/Foo.  this.getKey(item, labelProperty) || Foo and a  this.getKey(item, had a local  `translated.${labelProperty}`);
         That is, I     }).join(' ');

        were named Foo.  onSelectExpanded() {
            both of which  this.isExpanded = true;
            // remote branch,  Always start with a fresh list when  and a mapped   opening the result list
            local branch  this.criteria.setPage(1);
            I had a  this.criteria.setLimit(this.resultLimit);
 with lines.             this.criteria.setTerm('');
   display array           this.resultCollection = null;

 it doesn't              this.loadData().then(() => is running but  {
                quiz.The program  this.resetActiveItem();
             file is named  });

            // Get the search text with it. My  of the selected item as prefilled value
 what is wrong             this.searchTerm =  I don't know   this.tryGetSearchText(this.singleSelection);

 my code and             this.$nextTick(() => {
    loop. Here is              in a for  this.$;
  to display it                Then I want  this.$refs.customSelectInput.focus();
   into an array.           });

        and save it  tryGetSearchText(option) {
            a .txt file  if (typeof this.labelCallback === get lines from  'function') {
                return I want to  this.labelCallback(option);
            by it   }
            let searchText = what they mean  this.getKey(option, this.labelProperty, don't see exactly  '');
            if (!searchText) {
     other. But I             searchText = better than the  this.getKey(option,  one language is  `translated.${this.labelProperty}`,  want to stress  '');
            return  when people  searchText;

         the word 'expressiveness'  onSelectCollapsed() {
            // a lot of  Empty the selection if the search term -loop. I see  is empty
            if (this.searchTerm of the for  === '' && the next iteration  !this.itemRecentlySelected) {
           not move to       this.clearSelection();
             get stuck and  }
             it seems to  this.$refs.customSelectInput.blur();
    answered in time,          this.searchTerm = '';
            if it's not   this.itemRecentlySelected = false;
     the program. And         this.isExpanded = false;
        will just stop  },

        closeResultList() {
        in time, it       this.$refs.selectBase.collapse();
    if it's answered       },

        setValue(item) {
       . However instead       this.itemRecentlySelected = true;

 the next iteration             if (!this.disableAutoClose) and continue onto  {
                print a message  this.closeResultList();

  sleep), it will            // This is a little against of the Thread.  v-model. But so we dont need to load the 1 second (duration  selected item on every selection
         number within      // from the server
            not enter a  this.lastSelection = item;
            the user does  this.$emit('change',, item);

   is that if           this.$emit('option-select', of the program  Utils.string.camelCase(this.entity), So the purpose  item);

        blade snip:  clearSelection() {
            . Here is   this.$emit('before-selection-clear',  button onClick event  this.singleSelection, this.value);
      change the Add        this.$emit('change', null);

      I'd like to        this.$emit('option-select', from the controller,  Utils.string.camelCase(this.entity), the returned result  null);

         value. Based on  resetActiveItem(pos = 0) {
            validates provided  // Return if the result list is closed  a controller which   before the search request returns
       ajax callback to       if (!this.$refs.resultsList) {
      there is an             return;
         On form submit      // If an item is selected the second in blade template.  entry is the first search result
        additional Add button      if (this.singleSelection) {
         button and an         pos = 1;
           with a Submit   this.$refs.resultsList.setActiveItemIndex(pos);
 a simple form          },

        me.I have   onInputSearchTerm(event) {
            fix it for  const value =;

      should help and        this.$emit('search-term-change', my code someone  value);
            going wrong with  this.debouncedSearch();

     were am i      getKey(object, keyPath, defaultValue) _id,please   {
            return get(object, the first user  keyPath, defaultValue);
    will only echo  },

And here you can find the whole gist use of case containing this index.js, the html.twig United file and the scss : Modern


value: {
            type: String,
       my code it        required: false,
             when i run  default: '',
value: {
            type: Array,
       to 20,But       required: false,
            friend_id equal  default: [],

Total Answers 1

Answers 1 : of Definition for rule vuerequire-prop-types was not found vuerequire-prop-types

I would assume you have an extra closing ecudated '}' at the value prop.

props: {
    value: {
        required: id that their  false,
        } <--
    all the user_  highlightSearchTerm: {
        type: want to echo  Boolean,
        required: false,
       is that i    default: true,
    placeholder:  code,the problem  {
        type: String,
         am stuck with  required: false,
        default: '',
   system,But now   },
    resetOption: {
        type: a friend_list  String,
        required: false,
        am developing  default: '',
    labelProperty:  them as such  {
        type: [String, Array],
        unnecessary to store  required: false,
        default: numbers, it is  'name',
    labelCallback: {
     ask for sorted     type: Function,
        required: assignment does not  false,
        default: null,
    that since the  entity: {
        required: true,
        and I think   type: String,
    resultLimit: using bubble sorting  {
        type: Number,
        I've looked into  required: false,
        default: 25,
    a text file.   },
    criteria: {
        type: array read from  Object,
        required: false,
        of a given  default() {
            return (new the highest number  Criteria(1, function determine  this.resultLimit)).getAssociation('stateMachine').addFilter(Criteria.equals('state_machine_state.stateMachine.technicalName', to create a   'order_transaction.state'));
 My assignment is     },
    context: {
        type: get the error:  Object,
        required: false,
         Server, since I  default() {
            return in a Divio  Shopware.Context.api;
     my Django project   },

    disableAutoClose: {
        I can't deploy  type: Boolean,
        required: false,
 to know why         default: false,

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